Grand Detour part 2

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Ava Elisabeth
- 8/28/2016 12:01pm

I am in dark place.
It is so dark and I have been here so long , I can't barely even imagine what I look like.
I have roaming around here for quite a while.

All my memories are a bit fuzzy, but I recall how I got down into this vast emptiness.

@Miranda Ashdove 's demons they were speeding towards to Sadie Hawkins, it was within my sight.

I tumbled off the demons and began to run, my legs pounding against the jungle floor, my heart soaring. But then I tripped.

And then I fell.

I don't know really where this dark space is. I have never learned about them in schools or read about them. I suppose they could be a mini dimension or some sort of a black hole. But those would both be unlikely to be in jungle.Especially unguarded.

I fell into the dark space. And the demons grasped onto my hands. They should have been able to easily pull me up, but they couldn't . Then there was @The Sky Wolf and Pidge,and Kaliningrad, and @Marni Saylor , the whole staff was pulling me up, it should have been easy, but something was pulling me down.

It is quite cold in this dark place. And as I have contemplated the events that led to my demise in this dark space , and truly they are quite embarrassing. I thought @Louis C. Was silly for being embarrassed, but truly we both are quite a comedy of errors.

I mean I got left behind because I went to get a bag of popping corn. I then traveled through a corn maze, only to get stuck in a time loop. Then I finally have a chance to rejoin the Sadie Hawkins, and I TRIP.

Ava Elisabeth

Miranda Ashdove
- 8/29/2016 12:46pm

@Ava Elisabeth uh oh, that doesnt sound good. My demons can't enter the whole. I'm taking on into my mind so i can see through it's eyes... Okay, it should be lighting up the hole... Is that a skull?!?!

Ava Elisabeth
- 8/29/2016 3:55pm

Dear diary,

Today A bright light filled the hole. A demon who looked placid and limp stood absolutely still had light shining out of its to wide eyes. It only breathed in and out slowly and quietly. Each breath exact and precise, air entered through lungs with calculation.

But this hole. It is not just a hole. There are piles of skulls and skeletons everywhere. Mounds and heaps of death.

But this placid and limp demon followed me. When I take a step, the demon also takes a step, it's bright eyes illuminating the dark air around me.

I suspect that this demon was sent by @Miranda Ashdove , she is very talented and very nice.

The demon and I have adventured through this space and seems that the emptiness goes in forever. I am worried there could be some large creature , something that produced all these dead people.

I am trying to contact the outside but I can't access the ghost server that hold all our diary entries. I can only write.

Ava Elisabeth

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