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Reality Accident
7/14/2017 4:19pm

I had a great year doing my Merchant Airshipman's training and got a really cool deployment for the summer--working in the FUTURE!

It's less than a hundred years away, so the commute isn't bad. They've got a fleet of airships doing carbon removal on the atmosphere. It's called the Calvin Brigade. We release a thin sheet of organic pink goo out of the back of the ship--it's like spinning cotton candy from a huge pasta maker. It flutters through the atmosphere and combines with CO₂ and makes sugar, which then sort of dissipates in the air. I hear it makes the rain taste sweet, and is also helping with the insect repopulation.

Thanks again to @The Sky Wolf and Zephyr Air Transport Inc. for setting me up with this scholarship!!! It is awesome.

Zephyr Air Transport Inc.
8/31/2016 2:54pm

Oooooo gee this is AMAZING!!! You guys are sooooo sweet. I've literally never won anything in my life. Literally. That was my first detected psychic power--the ability to never win anything. My first school (public/non-psychic) thought that was weird and put me in a special class to try and teach me to win things but they just couldn't and I started to fall behind in my other studies and that's when my mom pulled me out and put me in Psychic High School.

Now I have my true calling in life--to be an airshipman! Already I'm missing it. The subtle hum of the engines, the tiny corrections of inclination, getting the best churros of my life in Tiwanaku... And I am going to miss all of you so much! Once I graduate and then get my airshipman's license, you're the first ship I'm applying too.

Bye bye! Bon voyage!

Zephyr Air Transport Inc.
8/24/2016 1:10am

I've been so caught up in life on board the Sadie Hawkins that I've been forgetting to post! If I'm not getting greasy with the mechanics keeping the engines humming then I'm climbing around inside the hull checking the gas bags for holes, or crawling on the outside of the dang thing fixing rips or scaring off those crazy monkeys.

When I do get any spare time I just end up staring out at the clouds or the land drifting by below. Painted deserts, emerald rain forests, polar ice fields. I've even got a porthole next to my hammock, though it's kind of blurry.

The main thing to remember when you're part of an airship crew is to follow orders. If you don't - that's how you get left behind. Or worse. When the Chief Rigger says to tie off she means it, because you're going outside and the hull could be icy. Or if the navigator comes over the speaking tube telling you to seal off, it's because we've encountered a flock of migrating vampire micro hyper-bats and they're getting through the vents.

The crew's been super nice: Charming Roger, Elisa and Liesel (the Elevator Twins), @Roman Kandel (who's a rudderman), Cookie, and all the rest. Even the Captain, though he doesn't talk to me much. I think Pidge has to remind him I'm even on board. She's super nice.

Ok but the main question you guys have been asking me: How do toilets work on a dirigible? Are you ready???!!! STRAIGHT DROP. In the daylight you can look down the hole and see all of God's creation just cruising on by, thousands of feet below. Yup. It's true. Just a hole in a bench.

Zephyr Air Transport Inc.
7/29/2016 10:43pm

Ooooo I want to go on the airship trip too!

I don't really have a resume, because the only job I ever had was a summer volunteer at the Madam Blavatsky Youth Library. But I will answer your interview question here:

What is your greatest weakness?

Yttrium. Definitely. It condenses the color spectrum around me so much that I'm trapped like a girl in a TV commercial if I'm around it for very long.

Also, churros.