Roman Kandel

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Underground Robot Fighting Ring
1/3/2018 4:04pm

I'm a sailor on the Sadie Hawkins, the Zephyr Air cargo ship that just recently left Psychic High School. While on liberty at Psyhigh, a few of my mates and I spent some time on your campus.

We all know the stereotypes around airship sailors, with the drinking and the fighting and the no underwear, but I assure you the vast majority of us are educated and self-restrained, and enjoy a well-tended garden or enormous Self-Aware Library as much as the next person.

But I will admit that when we ran into a cyborg with a monkey tail distributing fliers for "the wildest night Psyhigh had to offer," we were curious. After paying a cover charge we were led down a long, twisty tunnel and into a cramped, low ceilinged basement, filled with the smell of burnt oil and diesel and the screeching of metal on metal. We knew immediately it could mean only one thing: An underground robot fighting ring.

I don't know what you kids are putting into robots these days, but wow! Into the pit, blades flying, what a fight! I hadn't seen a robot fight like that since under the bridge in Palo Alto. My buddy got scarred from a flying cog and we lost all our money, but still you kids know how to put on a good underground robot fight.

Now we've left your school, and the Sadie Hawkins is headed for the Clouds of Magellan. But you can bet we'll be telling everyone where to find the best robot fights on Earth!

Shadowy Business
7/24/2016 9:24pm

I have seen many eco-systems damaged by the over hunting of the shadows. Ancient empires have fallen, like the Súmac people. Modern economies have been ruined.

I am a sailor on the Sadie Hawkins, the Zephyr Air cargo ship currently in your port, and we've seen it happen on many of our stops. First, shadows are removed from their native environments faster than they can replenish themselves. Then, the eco-systems don't have time to recover before everything starts falling apart. True, the the shadow niches can be filled with artificial shadows, propping up the items in landscape, but there is always something stunted about those places. Perhaps they fully recover in a hundred years, but why let it get to that point?

I think you should listen to @kewlio. You must have more responsible approaches to your shadow farming, @Moira Angela, or there could be serious consequences.

Please, take it from someone who has seen this tragedy first-hand in many different places.