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Zephyr Air Transport Inc.
8/1/2016 3:04pm

Ohhhh last day!

Ok I saved up all my dollars, darics, tokens, staters and ancient Lydian coins for this occasion.

How much will it cost for the crystal gloves? I have a lot of unwanted thoughts that need to be rid of.

I could also use a toaster or 12.

Thanks for stopping by! ^-^

Awaiting your next visit with anticipation,

creature_of_darkness >~<

7/24/2016 8:36pm

Yes I feel like I will fit in here well, thank you for asking! ^-^

Shadowy Business
7/24/2016 8:33pm

The pavement reflects my movements, my reflections are impossibly light, yet a deep as deep can be shade of black.
I watch them as they dance, slender limbs flowing. Fascinated by their ability to copy my every move, almost without fault.
I take a step and our feet collide on the concrete, silently, almost as if I didn't exist.
Or maybe it's you who doesn't exist?
My shadowy friend, I have known you all my life. But now, you fade away with the setting sun.
As darkness descends, I wave goodbye to my lifelong friend once more, their movements perfectly in sync with mine.
Under the cover of darkness, I leave once more. You may be gone, my shadowy friend, but now I have comfort in the darkness.
The man in the moon keeps me company, and listens to all my strange nighttime thoughts.
But I know that when the sun comes up again, you will greet me with a wave almost exactly like my own.

My Shadowy Friend.

5/24/2016 1:59am

Sometimes i wonder if i'm human at all. Other humans just don't seem to understand. They don't see the world the same way i do. They can be so narrow minded sometimes!

I have these feelings and urges and i sense things and i can always tell when something is going to happen. Or what someone will say.

Most of the time i talk to myself. Like, have full on conversations with myself. It's like there is another ME living inside my head. Maybe it's the person i was meant to be.

I don't know... i hope i don't sound too crazy...

I just need a place to be with beings like me... whatever that may be...

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