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- 12/9/2015 3:31am

Not sure whether it is me or the armour... But I think my armour is getting a bit tight at certain... sensitive areas. No. I am certain it is my armour. It is gaining consciousness, it is rebeling, and it wants me to suffer. Some days, I think I can hear my armour talking to The Bear with No Body, my roommate. They loathe me, those traitorous beings. I have treated them with nothing but courtesy and kindness, and they dare plot behind my back!

I will deal with that two-faced armour who dares to disobey me. But I will have The Bear with No Body first. I will invade his room and remove all his psychic porn on his computer. I will spread his nude psychic pictures around the campus so people will know his ugly katra. I will remove The Bear with No Body from the campus by shame so that my armour will be isolated. And when that happens, who else can my armour turn to other than me? I will have him straightened out. I will have him under my control again. AND I WILL RULE THE DORMITORY ALONG WITH MY GLORIOUS SERVANT, my armour.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- 12/10/2015 11:14pm

I was gravely mistaken. The Bear with No Body and my armour were not betraying me. They were helping me. They were protecting me without asking for anything in return. I nearly hurt the people who tried to help. I nearly hurt my best friends.

I was meditating in the aura room when I was attacked by an invisible opponent. The aura room is designed to be safe from any psychic attack, to allow all psychics to open their minds and peer behind the fabric called the 'reality' into what truly makes up this world - the vera substantia. Usually, I meditate in my room, protected by my armour from any attacks from the outer world, but regretfully, I was doubting the allegiance of my armour. I had already refrained from meditating for 3 days and was, frankly, irritable, emotional, and entirely unreasonable. The only place I could meditate in peace (or so I thought) is the aura room that the school provides us.

I was completely in awe of the beauty and knowledge offered by the vera substantia when my katra, my soul, was brutally clawed by a psychic attack. The pain shoots through my body, jerking back to the reality, just to find the supposed shielded aura room empty. Although it is not unheard of for students to attack each other in the aura room, it is against school rules, and is punishable by expulsion from the school. So it would be understandable if there was another student in the aura room. Yet the room was empty, and it should be impossible to penetrate the walls of the aura room with psychic attack. I immediately rose my shields around my katra.

The shields are all very good and well, but while my shields are up, it is impossible for me to actively attack or explore the area with my katra. The attacks were continuing and my shield cannot continue indefinitely. Usually my armour protects my katra while permitting the concentration of psychic power in my palm or chest for attack. Without my armour, I was merely a sitting duck - unable to identify the presence of my enemy, unable to protect myself from the onslaught of attack, and unable to attack my enemy.

That is when the doors to the aura room flew open and my armour swooped in to wrap around me. The relief of returning home permeated my whole being and the attacks were but a nuisance. Rushing behind the armour was The Bear with No Body, looking greatly alarmed and concerned.

That look of concern turned into one of great pain before any of us could speak a single word, and I knew that The Bear with No Body was also attacked by our invisible enemy.

That was no time to question the loyalty of my armour and The Bear with No Body. I ordered my armour, "Scan for attacking target."

I saw the system I worked hours to bring to life work. Yet its scanning device focused on nothing.

Then the most surreal incident of the day. "My apologies, sir. Unable to identify any attacking enemy." A voice sounded in my armour.

"Armour? Is that you?" I asked cautiously asked while the attacks began to wean.

"Yes, sir." The voice replied. "I am indeed your armour. I have developed a consciousness with the help of Mr. Bear with No Body. My apologies on not reporting to you. However, you were not able to hear my calls."

Then I realized. That was why The Bear with No Body was spending so much time with my armour. He is one of the rare students possessing the gift of strong telepathy. He must have heard the weak call of a beginning of a consciousness in my armour and answered that call, proceeding to help bring the consciouness to being. On the other hand, I, the master of my armour, did not notice my own armour's needs, and had, instead, accused both of them of betrayal.

It was lucky that I did not carry out the plan of revenge on The Bear with No Body yet.

The attacks had ceased at that point and I extended a hand towards The Bear with No Body. He extended his katra hand to receive my help, his head floating in air once again.

"Hey, buddy, you all right there?" The Bear with No Body asked.

"I have sustained no permanent injuries on my katra." I answered. "Thank you for your assistance and your care for my armour. And I apologize for my detachment from the two of you recently."

"No biggie. You have talked to Alfred?" The Bear with No Body grinned. "You know, your armour?"

"He has not told me of his name. Did you choose Alfred as your name?"

"Yes, sir." Alfred, my armour replied. "I found it... agreeable."

"Yeah. We wanted to give you a surprise so we never told you. We were planning on telling you tonight, but Alfred just rushed out of our rooms without a word in the middle of our conversation just now so I guessed it was important." The Bear with No Body frowned. "What the hell was that? I thought nothing can penetrate the aura room."

"I do not know." I whispered. "Either he or she was powerful enough to penetrate the aura room's shield with their psyche, or he or she was truly invisible to our eyes and Alfred's sensors."

"Either way, you need to be careful, my friend. Obviously, someone is holding a grudge against you in this school or you have something that they really want for them to attack you when you are in the aura room. They can be expelled for it."

"They apparently do not care." I looked at the direction from which the attack came from with narrowed eyes. "And I shall not let them walk away with this."

- 12/24/2015 8:46pm

We did not have any time to find the perpetrator due to the arrival of the dreaded Final Exams season. Damn that blasted old man who tricked us into believing he is a genuine kind professor with his jokes and his fair midterms, then destroyed us with his absolutely unreasonable final exam! He is but a trickster, earning our affection so we shall shower him with praise during his evaluation before the final exam, showing his true evil face during his final exam. He merely wishes to further his own agenda of raising in ranks (and salary) amongst the professors in Psychic High!

Ahem. My apologies for ranting. However, please note that there is truth in my insubordinate but heartfelt words and re-evaluate Professor Zuker Drosophila accordingly, honorable school board members, if you happen on this journal.
Now that final exam period is over, there is finally time to worry about my well-being (yes my grades are significantly more important than my well-being, no I do not have self-esteem or priority issues and do not require psychic help thank you very much). The Bear with No Body and I were unfortunately, but not surprisingly, 'stuck'. I have selected to not inform the discipline board with the incident, which would merely provoke my enemy and put me in more danger. Yet with the lack of evidence and left-over psychic powers in the aura room, our line of scent, so to speak, has stopped.
That greatly troubled me until something else even more unnerving happened.

The Bear with No Body and I were returning to our rooms from dinner when I realized soft music was playing in our rooms. We did NOT leave music playing in our rooms when we left the rooms.

"Scan the room, Alfred." I stopped The Bear with No Body with my arm, my faceplate snapping shut in preparation for an attack.

"Unidentified individual in the living room, sir." Alfred promptly replied. On the interface in the helmet, a decidedly feline outline from ambient psychic emissions was shown to be in the living room occupying the entire sofa.

Yes. The entire sofa. The individual was no ordinary cat, but a Pantherinae, in cruder terms, a big cat. Their tail was swishing lazily, their stance relaxed.

"An individual with the form of a Pantherinae is present in our living room." I turned to tell The Bear with No Body.

" Would you speak English? I am a simple man, and your science talk is definitely too complicate for me. Spell it out for me." The Bear with No Body urged.

The Bear with No Body does not understand. I loves him for his simplicity, yet his lack of finesse can be disappointing at times. I am naturally psychically weaker than all students in this academy and I would not have been accepted if not for my armour, which not only shields my katra, but also concentrates and amplifies my astral projections so that I will stand a chance in front of other psychics.

I was able to create it by combining my knowledge of physical and psychic biology and genetics, and my engineering and programming skills. These are the basis of my shield, my strength and pride. I do hope that he will understand that some time.

"An individual with the form of a big cat is occupying our sofa."

The Bear with No Body snapped into attention immediately. "Should I go first?"

"No. Alfred would shield me from most psychic and physical attack. I shall enter the room first." I replied. "However, I believe the individual mean us no harm. They meant to inform us of their presence. If not, the music would not be turned on, neither would they release their ambient psychic emission, which Alfred could detect."

I opened the door while holding a blast of energy in my palm, ready to attack. The Bear with No Body takes a similar stance behind me. Yet no attack was forthcoming and we were simply greeted by the sight of a melanistic jaguar sitting on our sofa, completely content and relaxed.

"You did noticed that I am in here. So you are not stupid or incompetent. I nearly thought you are since you went ahead and pissed off people that you should not. Not very wise." The individual said with a determinedly feminine voice.

"Please identify yourself, ma'am." Alfred's usually calm voice is marred by a hint of suspicion.

"A conscious armour. Interesting. I did not know your skills are that advanced." She looked at him thoughtfully and then purred. "I am Nigra. 3rd year, Psychic Criminology. And you two are Penguin in an Armour, 3rd year Psychic Engineering and Genetics double major; and the Bear with No Body, 2nd year Psychic Kinesiology."

"How do you know about us?" The Bear with No Body asked, narrowing his eyes.

Nigra smirked as she pointed a claw at me. "Why did you think I did not find you two as soon as I know that you got attacked in the aura room. Of course, the main reason is still the final exams. Finding information on the two of you is simple."

When I thought I finally met someone who has her priorities right, The Bear with No Body asked, "How did you know we were attacked?"

Nigra did not answer immediately. Instead, she said, "why don't the two of you sit down. It is tiring craning my head to talk to you."

At the same time, the chairs from the dining room floated out to stop in front of us.
I realized that was how she entered our room. Telekinesis. It is perhaps time to install the psychic emission print lock at the front despite it is strictly against the dorm rules. I sat down, even when for her words and actions did not prove her as a friend, they suggested she is at least not an enemy.

Seeing my action, The Bear with No Body also sat down, but none of us relaxed.
"I do like to keep an eye on the school's records to make sure I do not get into trouble, and the school does monitor the aura room. The attacked was recorded, but perpetrator is not." Nigra's green eyes locked on me. "And why do you think that is, especially when you and your companion's names were both recorded."

I understand what she was implying. Either my enemy was powerful enough to escape the detection of the school's monitor, or is influential enough to persuade the school to remove their names from the records. Combining the facts that the first hypothesis is unlikely her words when we first entered our rooms, it would suggest the second hypothesis is more likely to be accurate.

In layman's term, I am screwed.

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