Reality Accident

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- 4/28/2022 2:53pm

I said not THAT one!

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- 4/28/2022 2:50pm

Walls closing in! Walls closing in! Can't breathe! Quick! Push one of the walls back! Hurry! Push one of the walls back! Push it! Hurry! Push one of the walls back! Not THAT one!

- 4/23/2022 12:48pm

Ever since the reality accident ive changed. I cant explain it but nothing feels or is the same. I dont have alot of time left but just know that i will return, and it isnt my fault.

Zean Hargrages
- 4/1/2022 2:29pm

Hi All,

First journal entry here! I hardly noticed the reality accident until days started repeating themselves. I'm currently living through the same events as March 20, 2019. If I remember correctly, my mom (maybe? she's been a little off lately) will send me a text and I won't receive it (my phone has always done this) and we'll get in an argument over it.



Qui Qui Duyalumei
- 4/1/2022 2:26pm

The reality accident wasn’t an accident it was the reality we accidentally got exposed to. WW3 already happened.. we are all dead nothing is real. if you have aids or herpes its ok do not feel embarrassed NONE of this is real. All must heed the gospel of the flying spaghetti monster

- 4/1/2022 2:08pm

the reality accident kinda threw my head out of wack. but i guess i have a new found love for Ukranian pop music. dunno why or how that happened, as I'm more into metal but oh well, I'm always up for new music i guess

- 3/10/2021 7:29am

Hello all. The Reality Accident has been extremely traumatizing. I have been trying to tell people about my gifts for so long and they thought I was crazy? Anyways. Now that I'm boarding at PsyHigh, I only have to worry about my roommate and her succubi keeping me up late at night. This is everything I've been looking for in a school for sure!

Eppa Jeppi
- 2/19/2021 5:57pm

After the Reality Accident, can't say much has changed. Reality's always been kinda bizarre around here. Side effects of rural Ohio.

- 2/10/2021 4:06pm

I've really been enjoying the peace and quiet down here at the bottom of the ocean. It took a little getting used to immediately after the Reality Accident, but now I am totally comfortable with a body temperature that fluctuates with the cold, dark, briny liquid that surrounds and pervades my body. It really makes you question the nature of self.

The voices of the Elder Ones in my head, though, that is a different matter all together...

The Headmaster
- 12/2/2020 11:06am

Dear PHS students,
The reality machine has now been fixed.
That is all.
-The Headmaster

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