Bobby Mars

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Psychic Menagerie
6/17/2017 8:07pm

After a few hours in the isolation chamber, the Psycops had to let me go.

"Where's the junk, Bobby? We know you got a bottle of it. So far it's not a felony. It's possible we might just let you walk if you come clean."

"I'm afraid I don't know what you officers are talking about."

"Yeah well we heard different."

Did @Utora 7 tell her doctor about the Fantasimiria? Utora didn't seem the tattler type. And wouldn't it be breaking some kind of doctor/client privilege? Seems like it's easy to overlook things like "laws" and "rights" where kids are involved. Especially psychic kids. And psychic cops.

"Honestly, officers, what kind of "junk" are you even talking about? Is this about not separating my recyclables? Because I can explain. It was the end of term and we had to be out of the dorms by--"

"You know exactly what we're talking about, Bobby. Do you want us to read the little dossier we've got here? Bobby Mars, 15 months, suspended, illegal distribution of Anticipaterol. Bobby Mars, 8 hours community service for illegal distribution of Unpatriotica. Bobby Mars, 3 months mandatory aura testing for illegal distribution of Ennuiphernal. Bobby Mars, 39 hours of required--"

"Truly officers, I'm a changed man! I've learned my lessons! And, importantly, paid my debt to society. You can't just round me up every time you want a kid to knock around. I have rights. My arms are still sore where you grabbed me, and I think I could have a concussion from when I hit my head on the door of your hoverflyer."

"You didn't hit your head! You--"

"Easy Tina," the good Psycop breaks in.

So they strip search me and use their xray vision on my shoes and clothes and nothing comes up, and they have to let me go.

But you can bet they're keeping an Eye on me. Maybe it's floating right behind me, right now, and stays exactly behind me no matter how quickly I turn my head, and doesn't show up in a mirror or have a shadow. And I'm afraid the other students are too well trained to let somebody know when they've got the Eye on them like that, because they don't want to get marked down as an accomplice.

Guess it'll need to be a little while till I drop by the Science Lab to pick up my finder's fee from @Marthew17.

Reality Accident
6/3/2017 5:42pm