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Lost Rommie
3/4/2022 10:13am

I call through halls
"where are you! where are you!"
My search is fruitless
I will be caught soon
I won't be able to escape
The endless night.

Lost Rommie
3/4/2022 9:35am

Alright. I'm about to pass the border. Just know that-

It sucked me in
A swirling vortex
Now I speak like I don't know where my brain is
They changed the color of the glowworms
Before yellow
Now red
I hope he's not mad.
Just remember to listen to the walls,
Young one.

Lost Rommie
3/4/2022 9:29am

I've been down here too long. He'll find me soon, I know that. I have to resurface. But what if she wanders deeper while I am gone? What if he finds her?
What if he's already found her?
No, no, that wouldn't be possible. Dia's pretty stealthy. She'll know she has to keep quiet while she searches. She's fine. He hasn't found her yet.


Lost Rommie
3/4/2022 9:22am

Just got out. But then I heard someone coming, hid behind the big tree, and guess what? it was @Dia. She fell down the hole, and now I have to go back down there. Ugh, I don't wanna!

I just hope I can find her before he does.

Lost Rommie
3/4/2022 9:11am

how am i free?
feels like forever since i have breathed.

Lost Rommie
3/4/2022 9:05am

Chairs of rock
Tools of iron, bronze, and more
What are they doing
Why do they do it
Surgery has been attempted
Surgery has been failed
Close to where the tiny river flows, I lie in wait
The sawbones of the school variety must come soon
For I am bleeding fast and hard

I need help, please.

Lost Rommie
3/4/2022 7:44am

I won't
I can't
Not allowed
To reveal the plot
(of land, of course)
An evil plot
(of land)
Must destroy the evil plot
(of land)
I can't destroy the evil plot
(of land)
You must destroy it
Now, or it'll be too late
(or early, I won't remember)

I will forever need help

Lost Rommie
3/4/2022 7:15am

Tunnels wind
Left and right
Try to escape
This endless night

Please, soon it will be too late. Help me.

Lost Rommie
3/4/2022 6:24am

Glowworms in the cave
Like pretty fireflies
That's a different kind of bug
Are glowworms even bugs?

I still need help.

Lost Rommie
3/3/2022 12:45pm



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