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3/8/2022 9:30am

I love it here! I already mastered TWO Time-Tap potions! And did I mention It's only my 4th day here??? I'm thinking of trying out for the Journey Ball team. I used to play a different version of it with my sister when we were still tiny kidlens.

I hate always explaining why my ears are so pointy, why my eyes are so dark. Why I still have youth wings?

"Are you an elf?" They always ask, "Or a fairy?" So, I'll come out and say it here for everyone to see. I'm a Woodsbeam fairy! I have elf-like ears and wings that have evolved from my ancestors. If I was born a few hundred years ago, I would have Huge wings that stretched across my entire body and curled at the tips. My ears would have been much smaller and delicate. Glass-like bones and almost see-through skin, revealing my organs. Not gross for us. Because as Woodsbeams fairys, we harvest the organs of our dead animals, to make new ones.

I haven't made any new friends yet. There is one girl I wish I was friends with though, and that's @Lia Bezos. She's really funny and kind. Also, she rocks at Journey ball! I wish I had more to share, but I don't so, I'll update when I do!


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