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1/20/2023 9:26am

Snilis: Cutan

POWERS: Psychic weapons (Description: Ability to create a weapon of psychic energy that can harm mentally and not physically) Mass manipulation (Description: Ability to increase or decrease mass in an object)

FAVORITE FOOD: Bloober (a thick gummy constancy that tastes like bloob berries)

ENERGY: 60/60

DISADVANTAGES: Can't eat Esterberries. Using Mass manipulation takes away 10 energy.

1/19/2023 10:50am

That same day I met El in the dorm and we claimed our beds and everything. I stared setting up my side of the room, when I heard a knock on the door. You would never believe who it was. It was the head of the school! She was here to deliver my starter Mipi! At the end of the summer break, the school board sent a survey for us students to fill out. The survey asked us questions about our hobbies, interests, and our styles, and using that nfo they will match you with your very own Mipi! Then, she handed me a Mip case. Mip cases are the cases that hold Mipies. You can hold up to 5 Mip cases at once, because the cases are quite big. I opened the Mip case and it looks like I got Cutan! Cuton is a puff ball shaped white creature. I knew all about Cutan because my mom got me the Mipi handbook for my 7th birthday, when was obsessed with Mipies. Cutan is a horn type. Horn types are the most calm. Which makes sense because I try to be as calm as possible. Then she gave me a note. My Snilis. A Snilis is basically a card that holds all the info about a Mipi. After I collect more info on my Snilis of Cutan, I could register Cutan as my own, and even use Cutan as my battle partner so I could collect more Mipies!

1/19/2023 10:36am

I'm so excited to finally be here! I've wanted to go to this school ever since I was a little kid. I'm sharing a dorm with my best friend, El. I'm super excited about that. But the main thing I am excited about is the clubs here! I really want to join fencing, and perhaps even talk to @Ms. Hazeltine to see if is possible to make my own club.
Anyways, I was heading up the school grounds and a small creature ran into the bushes. It was small, kinda like a green blob, but it had a dark blue umbrella. I was fascinated by it, and looked though the bushes to find a small Mipi! I only ever read of Mipies in the school newspaper, but never saw one with my own eyes. I read that Mipies were a students failed chemistry experiment. Now there are tons of Mipies with their own names, and looks. This one looked like to be a Yilez. I wanted so badly to take it to my dorm and claim it as my own, but I know that that would be against the school rules unless I had my own Mipi to battle it and then claim it, if I won the battle, of course.
And that's when I remembered that the new school policy is that every student is to start off with a starter Mipi! Ah, I was so excited.

Thats all for now!

1/19/2023 7:58am

I can hear screams.

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