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- 1/19/2023 10:36am

I'm so excited to finally be here! I've wanted to go to this school ever since I was a little kid. I'm sharing a dorm with my best friend, El. I'm super excited about that. But the main thing I am excited about is the clubs here! I really want to join fencing, and perhaps even talk to @Ms. Hazeltine to see if is possible to make my own club.
Anyways, I was heading up the school grounds and a small creature ran into the bushes. It was small, kinda like a green blob, but it had a dark blue umbrella. I was fascinated by it, and looked though the bushes to find a small Mipi! I only ever read of Mipies in the school newspaper, but never saw one with my own eyes. I read that Mipies were a students failed chemistry experiment. Now there are tons of Mipies with their own names, and looks. This one looked like to be a Yilez. I wanted so badly to take it to my dorm and claim it as my own, but I know that that would be against the school rules unless I had my own Mipi to battle it and then claim it, if I won the battle, of course.
And that's when I remembered that the new school policy is that every student is to start off with a starter Mipi! Ah, I was so excited.

Thats all for now!

- 1/19/2023 10:50am

That same day I met El in the dorm and we claimed our beds and everything. I stared setting up my side of the room, when I heard a knock on the door. You would never believe who it was. It was the head of the school! She was here to deliver my starter Mipi! At the end of the summer break, the school board sent a survey for us students to fill out. The survey asked us questions about our hobbies, interests, and our styles, and using that nfo they will match you with your very own Mipi! Then, she handed me a Mip case. Mip cases are the cases that hold Mipies. You can hold up to 5 Mip cases at once, because the cases are quite big. I opened the Mip case and it looks like I got Cutan! Cuton is a puff ball shaped white creature. I knew all about Cutan because my mom got me the Mipi handbook for my 7th birthday, when was obsessed with Mipies. Cutan is a horn type. Horn types are the most calm. Which makes sense because I try to be as calm as possible. Then she gave me a note. My Snilis. A Snilis is basically a card that holds all the info about a Mipi. After I collect more info on my Snilis of Cutan, I could register Cutan as my own, and even use Cutan as my battle partner so I could collect more Mipies!

- 1/20/2023 9:22am

When I first Met Erin they were super excited to meet me and they came off pretty crazy but their happiness has grown on me. My Mipi is Terrok, it is a forest-green pterodactyl. It has the power to create, manipulate, and control chaos. I'm really excited to start beat everyone's asses in battles.
That is all for now, El

- 1/20/2023 9:26am

Snilis: Cutan

POWERS: Psychic weapons (Description: Ability to create a weapon of psychic energy that can harm mentally and not physically) Mass manipulation (Description: Ability to increase or decrease mass in an object)

FAVORITE FOOD: Bloober (a thick gummy constancy that tastes like bloob berries)

ENERGY: 60/60

DISADVANTAGES: Can't eat Esterberries. Using Mass manipulation takes away 10 energy.

- 1/20/2023 10:52am

I had my first battle today, I won obv. It was against one of the first year students and they had a ZigZap. It was this guy named Teddy and he is, sorry WAS one of the bullys in the school. we fought in front of the entire school, everyone saw he was so embarrassed. He was messing with Erin so I fought him and won.
El out, She/They/He

Ms. Hazeltine
- 1/20/2023 11:58pm

It is my duty to remind all students that betting on the outcome of Mipi battles is prohibited by school policy, and students found betting on Mipi battles risk expulsion, memory erasure, and psychic community service.

Organized Mipi battle betting rings may seem harmless, but after you lose your lunch money, what's next? Your new sweater, your psiPhone, your friend's parent's new car...

Psychic crimelords have been known to use Mipi gambling debts as leverage to force students to use their powers for nefarious purposes, and only the school is allowed to do that.

So, play it safe -- never bet on a Mipi battle!


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Sammy Watson
- 1/23/2023 11:05pm

I met a kindly old man watching the Mipi battles behind the gym today. He told me about a RikRik and a Tumbloo who are going at it at noon tomorrow. He said he'd seen the Snilis for each of them and that there was no way the RikRik could lose, because it's a scute type and its dermal armor was razor sharp and it has spinning wind attack. And since Tumbloos are just big jelly type roly-polies, it was a no brainer.

Then he said he had a 16 to 1 locked in on the RikRik (which he told me meant I get sixteen dollars for every dollar) and I could get in on it if I wanted, which he usually didn't do, but it was such an amazing opportunity and he could tell I was a big fan and really understood the game. He said it was worth going big on so I went to the psychic ATM and pulled out everything I had, which was awesome because my parents just topped me up for next semester. I am going to be soooo rich! I can't lose!!!

Sammy Watson
- 1/24/2023 11:24pm

I can't believe it. The RikRik lost!!!! What amigonnado?!!!

The kindly old man was there at the match. Everything was going great, and the RikRik went up for spinning wind attack and we all thought that was going to be the end of it. But what?!! Suddenly the RikRik stopped in mid air -- and blew up! Bits of horny scales went flying everywhere, some of them lodging in people's hats and coats and backpacks.

It turned out the Tumbloo had psyonic type enhancers. Like +500 enhancers. The kindly old man said he did not see that on the Snilis, so maybe the one he saw was forged or outdated. He felt really bad about it... which he should of because that was all my spending money till summer break. :(

Luckily though... and he said he usually doesn't share this kind of info... there's another battle later this week that absolutely can not fail. A Trefoilamungus vs a Vertomancer... 17 to 1 on the Vertomancer. He said he'd even loan me like... well I won't even tell you how much, but it's huge and when the Vertomancer wins I'll make back everything I lost plus what the kindly old man loaned me and a whole lot more. It's gonna be so awesome. Things are gonna change I can feel it.

- 2/1/2023 9:30pm

I just luuuuuuv Mipies and I think people sensationalize the problems about them like the gambling and the mutating and where they came from because those people are mean and anti fun.

Just look at my little Onionator! It looks just like a little onion. But with teeth!

Junior Agent Avery
- 2/5/2023 9:04pm

It's only my first semester in Junior Psy Corps and already they're giving me a big case.

You've probably seen the Junior Psy Corps cadets jogging around campus in our invisibility suits. There's a lot of physical training involved in Junior Psy Corps, but there's criminology too. Professor Lulu is our instructor, who used to be @Junior Agent LuLu when she was a student here. She says she wants my help solving this case.

@Sammy Watson has gone missing. We think it's related to illegal betting on Mipi battles, and me and my Mipi are especially suited to find him.


You just relax there, Nasalite! He's like a big nose on legs, ready to chase the scent and figure out the mystery.

Go get 'em, Nasalite!

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