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2/22/2023 10:03pm

My Onionator is now a big stinky fellow he sits on my bed with the heat turned all the way up basking in his own stink and sending out his runners which are rooty fronds that run up the walls and make little hanging sacks that look like baby dolls.

So I poked at one of the baby onion sacks with a pencil and it said “I’m Erasmus P Hardington!” what do you think about that?

Then I poked at another of the onion doll sacks with a ruler and it said “I’m Erasmus P Hardington!” and what do you think about that?

And I poked at another of the baby doll onions with a twig and it said “I’m Erasmus P Hardington!” that is what it said.

So if anybody wants a baby Onionator just let me know.

2/9/2023 11:51pm

My Onionator is evolving all on its own and growing big green hairs out of its head and they are filling my room and tickling my roommate at night. I do not know why my Onionator is evolving like this because frankly I have not been training it like I should but leaving it under my bed in the shadows I should take it out for more walks but I do not like the social aspects of the game and do not like to make Mipi battles which is why I do not know why it is evolving. Unless it is because of the Evol Crystal necklace my roommate grew in crystals class at the science museum.

Now my Onionator is using its fronds to draw with a sharpie on our walls things like "LET ME OUT" and "I WAS ERAPMUS P HARDINGTON PSYHIGH JUNIOR A VICTIM OF EXPERIMENTATIO--" but then I took that sharpie away from that mischievous little Onionator. He is soooooooo cute!

2/1/2023 9:30pm

I just luuuuuuv Mipies and I think people sensationalize the problems about them like the gambling and the mutating and where they came from because those people are mean and anti fun.

Just look at my little Onionator! It looks just like a little onion. But with teeth!