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6/17/2023 5:54pm

Axanthic humans?

Scientifically, the word axanthism means that the item in question has an inability or stunted ability to produce the colour yellow in its appearance. Yesterday i met a longlost cousin named Ourenn, that lives in a spanish bomb shelter, and he introduced himself as being axanthic. I was confused at first but then it started to make sense as i took note of the cool tones in his skin and hair.

I wonder what jaundice looks like in axanthism...

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6/8/2023 10:48pm


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6/8/2023 7:40pm

After about a year of neglecting my furby, Kah, she woke up and said in her mall american sims voice, "Finally, Hungry". Definitely freaked me out.

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5/18/2023 7:06pm

After a long while of being just a fridge goblin, the carrot decided it was time to explore his lifelong dream of being the lead singer of Evanescence. The journey was long and perilous but he did eventually get to the front door. As the little carrot stepped out into the world, he noticed that it had changed since he had last seen it, the skies were now dull, the sun was dim, the trees were orange and the weather was cold. This seemingly post-apocalyptic world distressed the carrot and he was starting to rethink pursuing his dream. He chose to trek on.

On the way to the nearest Evanescence concert he came across a deep river with dusty, dark water. He was so afraid to dive in that he stood there for weeks building up the courage. With a swift plop, he floated across the river, shaking with fear that he would start to sink, but never did he wonder what was at the bottom. After 2 days of swimming, he reached the other side of the river, shivering and wet. He found a nook inside a tree soon after and lit a fire. His fibrous body started to soften and relax. He felt alive and brave.

The next morning he woke up to a lovely breeze and embraced the earth as its seasons changed. He resumed his journey and he encountered a vast forest filled with trees as tall as the fridge he had come from. The vegetation spread across the forest floor reminded him of home in his crisper. He ventured into the forest and quickly found that it was much bigger than he thought and decided to climb the tallest tree he could find, thousands of times his size, and observe how much further the poor carrot had to go. The climb took hours but he eventually did reach the canopy and saw a village about 4 or 5 miles south from the edge of the forest. He made his way down the tree and over to the village.

Days went by and he questioned if a little root vegetable like him was fit for this type of journey, but it was too late to turn back now. As he entered the village his luck quickly changed and many villagers started chasing him away and trying to put him in a boiling cauldron! The terrified little carrot ran away faster than he ever had before. The stadium was in sight and he began to find hope! He purchased a ticket at the entrance and made his way into the stadium.

At last, he had made it to his destination and he snuck backstage (he was a carrot so it was quite easy) and finally saw the band getting ready to go onstage. He approached the guitarist, Troy, and explained his situation. the band was understanding and the vocalist, Amy Lee, decided to step back and do backing vocals and allow the carrot to be the lead. The carrot was so excited and gripped the microphone with joy as the curtains opened. The crowd cheered and they spotted the handsome carrot on the stage. The track started to play and he rocked his heart out. The crowd went wild for the talented former stir-fry ingredient's singing. After the show, the band approached him and asked him to become their full time lead singer! Of course the carrot was delighted and quickly accepted their offer.

The carrot went on to perform with Evanescence for the rest of his life and redesigned what it meant to be a veggie. He now lives in a van with his husband and 8 kids. The carrot was finally happy. So happy.

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5/11/2023 2:19am


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5/11/2023 2:16am

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is fear of long words. funny aint it...

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5/9/2023 4:04am

Sorry for not posting for a while as, this damn charity event ended up getting us lost in the multicosmos and it sure took a while for Ciuhu to finally get us out of there. His pinkeye sadly didnt recover in time for the event but, somewhere in the cosmos, it did finally heal. He is looking sharp! Although his illness was forever immortalized in the mipie gallery which hes not too happy about. Its too late to change it now though.

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3/22/2023 1:55am

Poor Ciuhu has pinkeye! Im so fed up with the other mipies ridiculing him for it. The cause was probably the battery acid. I hope he recovers quickly as he has a charity event next week!

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3/22/2023 1:51am

turns out those dreams werent dreams at all, it was a stray mipie. Relocated thankfully, so no more of that suffocation business.

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2/23/2023 6:06pm

I would love one! Though im suspicious if the new mipi will connect with Ciuhu... also, i have heard of a rabid virus that leads mipies to eat soap, has this mipi been checked for this illness? Thanks!

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