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Friend is gone
11/29/2021 1:19pm

who is this "Friend" you are speaking of? did I miss some of the story?

11/29/2021 1:10pm

Hello again. I can't believe I'm writing this. I don't really want to explain the story, but here I go.

It was a sunny Tuesday. fairly warm. I was in the garden, eating lunch during the social period. a warm burst of air brushed past my face. It was sorta odd because it was a still day, and until then there was the wind. I looked around and everything was the same. I don't know why I thought something would be different. But nothing was. Until...I saw a small letter by my feet. It was made with oak paper and was stamped with a red liquid stamp. The stamp did not have the school's logo, instead was an owl, sitting on a branch. and in its beack, it was holding an old book. I could not make up what the book was called.

I looked around to see if the person who had put it there was still near, but the only living thing around me was the plants and flowers in the garden and a squirrel that was eyeing me from a tree above. The squirrel's eyes were very human-like, and it was staring at me, almost like it was waiting for me to do something.

I opened the letter and here's what It read: Hello Maraen. You probably don't know me. most people don't. My name is Safina. I am in your science and french class. I have made the potion that gives you the ability to turn into either an owl or a squirrel. If you want to have this potion in your keeping, I want 2 Emeralds, 8 Haveneye rocks, and a reminder of the homework pages for french class. Bring all of them in a small box and place the box behind the big oak tree in the garden by tonight.

odd note, huh? I thought this was a prank, to be honest. after about 30 minutes of thinking of how this potion could have possibly been made, I decided it probably was not a scam. I looked up at the squirrel again and I think, just think that I had seen it nod at me before it ran up the tree. I think the squirrel was Safina! Now, having the thought that the critter was Safina, I believed that this was most certainly not a prank.

Later that night, when I was in my dorm, and I was sure that my roommate was asleep, I sneaked out, with the box of gems (and the piece of paper that had the pages of the french work that was due, I left to the garden. Later I realize I have made a terrible mistake.

Follow me if you want the great of the story!!

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11/29/2021 11:19am

Sorry about the last post. My sister wrote that when I was sleeping. I just started at PHS! I just enrolled last September, and I had no idea that they would accept me so soon! My mom said that I was accepted because I'm so smart, but my dad said I got accepted because they needed more students. What do you guys think? Today I met a really nice girl named Lia Bezos. (I think I spelled that right. I'm no good with names!)

I also started a petition for better school lunches!!! or at least ones that don't taste like dirt...... If you see me in the halls you can always ask to sign it!

Well, I should go work on my homework (But who gives to homework on the first day of school?! that's just cruel!


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11/27/2021 7:12am

I just started at this school, and OH MY is it cool!

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