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Reality Accident
1/9/2017 9:49pm

I'd like to encourage everyone to join the reality protest, which is happening now.

It's simple to be a part!

a) Fully conceptualize your reality.

b) Stand with your reality poised at an oblique angle (windward).

c) Ride the Reality Wave.

In this way we assert resistance paired with creation.

You can also do your part by opening your homes and living spaces to refugees from future A1A31B. We have pamphlets on best practices for hosting guests from hostile timelines, and you can feel confident you're helping in the right way.

Join the Psychic Underground Railroad today!

Reality Accident
12/9/2016 10:21pm

These personality tests are just a distraction, and all students should refuse to take them. I've googled @GROTTO G.S.M. INC. and it's obviously a shell company of some kind and there's no way anyone should trust them with their data.

Last night in the freezing rain a family from future A1A31B landed on my doorstep. None of them spoke early 21st century English but I was able to communicate with them that it was safe for all four of them to find shelter in my house. There were literally icicles hanging off the children, and they weren't dressed for the weather at all. Luckily the mind worm in the philodendron is still healthy and took care of mom, so I set them up in the finished portion of the basement, near the furnace but separate from where the crustypunk witches hang out, and through sign language let them know there was only enough hot water for four showers of 10 minutes each. Even though it's just mom and me we've been making enough food for 10 (thanks mind worm!) and the witches are vegan and the goldfish guy just eats food flakes so there were leftovers enough to give them all a warm meal.

I relate this story to everyone that it's possible to do your part, even if you feel it isn't easy. We have so much to give in our lives to these people who have been left with nothing. Support the Psychic Underground Railroad!

Reality Accident
11/22/2016 8:50am

I've already gotten involved with the Psychic Underground Railroad and have flyers if anybody wants one. I've got telekinetics in my closet, a guy with a goldfish face he has to keep underwater in the guest bathroom, and three crustypunk witches drawing runes in the dirt of our unfinished basement. Luckily mom's too busy to notice, or maybe the mind control worm that moved into the philodendron is taking care of that.

Anyway, I'm doing whatever I can to help our fellow psychics during this time of uncertainty, and taking in refugees from future A1A31B, which modeling suggests is 87% likely to occur. It is a terrifying prospect, and while we shouldn't help it along through falling into a recursive inevitability loop (academics are split on that prospect), I think that any kind of support of the resistance can only better our chances of survival.

I encourage all students to help the Psychic Underground Railroad in any way they can. We hope to institute more widespread use of the World Tree system, or at the very least keep it out of the wrong hands with @jarvis' help. If only I weren't still getting these @GROTTO G.S.M. INC. errors.

Using the World Trees
11/14/2016 10:30pm

It looks like you've found my commemorative pin from the 1937 International Oblique Forestry Fair, @kkennedy9311. It's got a small green gem at the center of it. I found it when I was little and it's been with me ever since, not only because it looks cool but because it's a kind of psychic compass. But lately it's been malfunctioning. All I get out of it is "GHOST SERVER NOT RESPONDING" and "CONTACT @GROTTO G.S.M. INC.".

I thought about showing it to @jarvis or @timberlina because I heard they're into antiques, but when I heard that another one had blown up and gassed Student of the Month @Briar Rose, I thought maybe it was better not to get mixed up in it.

So whatever you do, @kkennedy9311, don't jiggle it and whatever you do don't drop it. Could you pack it in a small jewel box with lots of cotton and then wrap it in bubble wrap and put it inside a pillowcase full of feathers, then clear the yard from your dorm all the way to the Spoon Bender student coffee shop and OM MY GOD WATCH OUT FOR THE CRACKS IN THE PATH and then you can give it back to me?

11/13/2016 10:51pm

I could tell this place was completely fucked. It happened when I was in 5th grade at Business Cheerleader Elementary. It was my awakening, when I saw the endless halls of offices and paper chasing and the shape of the world that formed around it, extending into culture and science and politics and religion. You could smell it was fucked from a million miles away. So why did I wake up in it?

But I never expected to find a place like Psychic High School -- the island refuge that shouldn't exist. I never expected there was anyone else who realized the same things I did. Then I discovered there was a whole network, extending back into the depths of history and forward into the distant future. When the map of the world shrinks, it leaves open spaces behind. I knew I had to live outside the map, and was so thankful I found other people living outside of it too.

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