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10/20/2020 4:17pm

I know I'm quite new, but due to my recent science research, mountains cease to exist. The mountains you see with your eyes are holograms projected by the government. Mountains used to be real when the ancient civilizations lived on our planet, but the modern generation has made it impossible for them to be real. And even though people are said to have climbed mountains before, they haven't. The stories are put into the minds of these "professionals" and the stories are published by the government. I doubt you have ever met someone who has climbed a mountain.

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Reality Accident
10/19/2020 7:01pm

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here, because I just transferred from a small public high school in Indiana, but I was told I was special. My stuff has been acting up though. I walked into my room this morning to find my porcelain doll on the bed. I normally keep her in a drawer because it "scares" my family. Another recent incident was when my collection of Hello Kitty plushes were lined up on my floor, facing my bed. I don't remember leaving them that way, but maybe I just forgot.