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5/26/2023 5:13pm

I figured out today that menthol (the stuff in mint) dulls psychic powers slightly and can ease headaches caused by psychic attacks, how I discovered this little bit of knowledge was I was enjoying a batch of homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream at lunch and the whirring of the psymechanics I was carrying seemed to quiet a bit, I went home and tested it moderately and came to this little conclusion.

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5/23/2023 2:42pm

I did a small amount of studying today on psychic energy to see if I could possibly use my own mind as fbt in vr, I already figured out how to draw, texture, 3d model, and set bones in those models with my mind so i kinda expect it to be both cheaper and easier

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temporal off ramp
5/22/2023 3:47pm

look I am new to the school and led the life of a normal person and it's what like my 4th day? I do not know what a temporal off-ramp is, I just know electric, chemical, and a bit of quantum stuff from the mass amount of science textbooks I read. I probably could still help with whatever a temporal off-ramp is

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Reality Accident
5/19/2023 10:03am

the reality accident has gotten me looped on October 31, I feel pretty good because I get to eat a metric ton of candy every day without consequences because of every night resetting, once I break out of the loop I will be able to hit all the houses that give full candy bars and have candy for a few months but hearing my messed up alarm every morning is getting annoying

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