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4/25/2022 5:37pm

Someone talk to me...

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4/23/2022 1:15pm

To start this out very straight to the point, my hair is evil. So a few months i started growing my hair out from being fairly short. I thought i would change up my look with a new hairstyle at a length that i had never had before. The growing over all has been pretty decent but there is one lingering side effect from growing my hair out. I'm becoming a bad person almost like the hair is taking control of me. I am becoming more volatile towards people quicker, i am losing friends, and i am so unhappy to the point where ive been abusing substance. Everytime i decide i want to cut it off or even have the thought of doing it my head becomes very foggy and i feel sick.

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Reality Accident
4/23/2022 12:48pm

Ever since the reality accident ive changed. I cant explain it but nothing feels or is the same. I dont have alot of time left but just know that i will return, and it isnt my fault.