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Reality Accident
10/11/2020 10:21pm

Is it just me, or is the Reality Accident coming to some kind of new head?

My Exotic Relics are acting strangely. For instance, my little plastic sunflower that dances when the sun hits its solar panel has been broken for years. It's been in the back of a drawer and I heard this weird grinding and discovered there, dancing away.

My miniature glow in the dark hand, which you can put on the end of your finger to be like a little hand? It had gotten kind of depleted and rotted, sitting in the bowl with spare change and phone charms, but last night it had a healthy glow.

My collection of Japanese "rabbit pounding mochi" statuettes arranged themselves into a circle. I definitely did NOT put them that way.

I can't say if it's good or bad, but my Exotic Relics have been indicators of reality change in the past.

9/27/2020 8:39pm

My name is Marcy, and I have an Exotic Relics problem.

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