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5/20/2021 12:46pm

Whenever Hailey sees Sophu, she starts to burst with rage. it is slightly lessened whenever she sees me un-iced, her anger lessens, but not for long. Her anger is on the verge of bursting out of her, literally. Like me, she becomes a different person when she is angry. While most of the time, her magic is completely controlled, but even when she is mad, she can store it in a part of herself like putting her anger in a jar. From what I can feel,her anger is overflowing. Its like a dog, Hailey's magic is like a domestic dog. it can be trained and controlled, but it still has wild instincts. Hailey cannot ever fully control her magic, only keep it occupied. I remember the last time she ' magically exploded' before. she was young. It was like whenever Sophu uses strong raw magic, except 10 times more powerful and 10 times longer than what I've seen of her magic. I didn't think it would ever happen again. Hailey is breathing heavily, her magic just barely being held down. Her head droops down, her hair hanging over her face. her hands are clenched tightly by her sides. She magically moves her hair out of the way, revealing her demonic face and wide, glaring, terribly angry red eyes. her mouth is longer, crooked, and in a huge frown. She stands stalk still in front of Sophu. Sophu stares at Hailey, clearly expecting an attack, her magic at the ready. Literal devil horns have grown on Hailey's head. fire envelops her body. her eyes literally glow. a strand of electricity revolves around her like the orbit line of a planet on a map of the solar system.

" Sophu...Sophu...I.am.SO.mad.at.YOU!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU JUST WALTZ INTO MY FAMILY LIFE, ACTING LIKE YOUR THE QUEEN. ILL.SHOW.YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hailey shouts.

She still stays still. Bailey slowly goes toward Hailey. She touches the field surrounding Hailey. Then an explosion that comes out of nowhere blows Bailey back. Sophu blocks it, only taking one step back. I fly under my bed as protection. the wind of the blast blows off the covers. I hold my pillow, shoving my face into it. Vincent, clearly planning on coming in, does a double take, surprised at the fact that an explosion wind comes from the room, and also probably the fact that my door was blown off. Vincent looks terrible. well, thats expected. he is suffering from depression and hasn't left his room for nearly two weeks. Until now, anyway. Kailey gets knocked into one of my cabinets, immediately going unconscious. Hailey then proceeds to punch Sophu full force in the stomach. She gets blasted into the wall, leaving a huge crater on it. Hailey dashes towards Sophu at a surprisingly fast speed. While Sophu tries to prepare herself, Hailey uppercuts Sophu through the ceiling. Hailey then literally extends her neck to go up through the ceiling, and...I don't know what happens up there. evrything goes silent. Suddenly, Sophu falls through the hole in the ceiling. Hailey's neck and head follow.

I am going to write a part two, but I don't have the time right now. Stay tuned!

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5/20/2021 9:50am

@sophu comes in to see me.

" hey! Im back" she says, before realizing that I am trapped in a block of ice.

no response. I cant anyway.

I can barely move my arms. I start to gentily scrape the ice surface. I stop when it says.


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5/20/2021 9:36am

oh and girlfriend @sophu?

*blushes in ice. or maybe its just the cold*

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5/20/2021 9:34am

" What the hell happened?" Hailey asks angrily.
" she fell in the ice" Wailey responds.
" Well no shit, genius!" Hailey shouts back. She has been very angry recently. I try to ask her why, but then I remember I am trapped in a huge block of ice. A weird feeling coursed through my body as I fell through the ice. It was magically broken. I could feel it. I tapped on the ice, then slapped the ice, then started banging on it. My body is frill and tight with cold. I cannot move anything. I cannot even blink. I am forced to feel this numbing cold and not die. My icy blood stains the ice. Somebody stabbed me, like they were ice fishing. I swear I saw @sophu holding the spear. I can hear perfectly, and I am forced to watch this terrible fight unfold.

" Who did this? that ice should not of broken..." Bailey says, calculating in her head. Bailey is a genius, she has an iq of 341.
" well it did" Hailey growls. I can feel her magic broiling below her skin. She is usually VERY good at controlling her magic. What IS going on.
" is their any way we can get her out?" Kailey says, taking a second to look at me and not her phone.
"well...there is ONE way..." Hailey grumbles.
" Wailey-"
"But you said it was only for emergencies!" Wailey says back.
" I think this would be classified as an emergency!" Hailey snaps.
Wailey snaps. once. A small pillar of smoke came from her hand. She snaps again. A small spark lights in her hand. One more snap, and a healthy fire is hanging on her fingertips. I can tell the room gets colder, as everyone starts to shiver. Wailey only has one magical ability. She can create and control fire...but she has to take the heat from her environment. Which means when she uses her ability, the room she is in gets VERY cold. I cannot tell the difference in temperature. She starts waving her hand around the ice block. Everyone else gradually leaves.


It is dark. Wailey looks wary. and cold. very cold. her whole body is shaking. her hair stands on end, trying to not freeze. every inch of her viewable skin us covered in goosebumps. her hand is clearly tired, as she has the face of someone who is very sore. I watch, sorry that she has to go through all this trouble to help me. Suddenly, she is blown back by an invisible force. Her face lights up in surprise as she knocks down on my carpet floor portion of my room. She stands up again quickly, surveying the room, trying to find what knocked her. She also immediantly lights her fire again. as she scans my room, her fire is blown out. like if a cup was quickly placed utop it and snuffed it. Both me and her struggle to see in the poor light of the twilight sun. I can barely see her when she is quickly and unexpectantly tied up in what seems like a robotic rope. She struggles and squirms, trying to get out of the devices death grip. a quick flash of electricity lets me see Wailey's terrified face clearly. she gets a huge shock. I see another figure there. One I know well. He simply touches Wailey, and she...disapears. just like that. he also vanishes not long after her, and his cruel laugh echos in my open room. M.V. has taken Wailey. and I cannot do anything about it. My frozen mouth cannot tell anyone about the danger.

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5/18/2021 11:15am

I begin to worry. @sophu has been gone for nearly a week, and I fear she is not safe. I usually just shrug it off, thinking, Sophu can handle herself. I sometimes think she has abandoned me, but then i think, She would never! I know her well enough to know THAT. Sometimes in the morning, I think of the clearest image of her I can think of, and ask myself, Do I REALLY like this person, or, Is this fantasy plausible. The answer to both is, I HAVE NO IDEA. I have recently been skating more then usual, and I finally prefected the trick I am going to show @sophu when she comes back. I look longingly at her letter at some points, wishing she didn't leave without me. I could of helped her! The ice is basically my second home! I should of followed her!

But I also think, Sweetie, She can handle herself! she needs this! she will show her dad! I cannot help but wonder. I havent seen my siblings in a while. I just wish she would write to me, at least! I know that Vincent dosent feel well. He has felt depressed ever since he got in the detention room. He never leaves his room anymore. I am worried. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, want a letter from sophu, to let me know she is okay, or something, or anything. I keep practicing the trick, even though I have mastered it. One day, I got on the ice early. I got through most of the trick, and just then, I hear a quiet creak. Its the ice. It is cracking. Then, the ice breaks. I fall through. and it hardens again.

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5/18/2021 11:00am

That...basically explains everything this site is about, @sophu. and, uhh, did you forget about us...orrr, are you abandoning us...or what?

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5/17/2021 9:34am

Hannah Arias entry one:

Hey! I am not Sweetie. I am your resident British ghost girl who has the daunting task of haunting her. My name is Hannah. Whenever Sweetie goes to sleep, I come out. You see, I can ONLY come out when she is asleep. If we see each other, well both...well...explode. For most of my ghost life, I have simply stayed around Sweetie. In the same room. I usually stare at the clock, watching the seconds tick by, or I sleep along side Sweetie. Ghost sleep is odd, because you are conscious, but you are still dreaming. Speaking of ghost dreams, dreaming is also odd, in the sense that you have the same dreams as the person you are haunting. Ghosts cannot lucid dream, though, unless the person they are haunting can lucid dream, and Sweetie definitely CANNOT. Her 'good dreams' are odd and weird looking, and if she has bad dreams, they are REALLY bad dreams. Her worst dream in my opinion is when she relived my death over and over, and each time was scarier and different then the last. But, that is just because, well...you know, I didn't like reliving my death over and over. I recently had the idea of going off on my own, and posting my entries to keep track of them. I don't exactly know where the idea came from. My best guess is that I got influenced by @sophu's...adventures as of late. I decide that before I go on adventures, I should introduce myself to the Goodspeed's. I carefully decide that I should introduce myself to Vincent first. I know that Vincent wakes up to the quietest sound, but he likes to flood himself with lots of it when he sleeps. he especially likes thunderstorm sounds. I effortlessly go through the wall seperating Sweetie's dorm from his. I quietly turn off his sounds, and I say one single word.

" Hello" I say

His eyes jot open. He bolts into a sitting pose and scans his room for the source of my voice. He slowly looks up, staring me and what I presume is a smile. Ghosts cannot control their facial expressions, so I dont quite know the look on my face. he immediantly screams of pure terror. That had to of awoken everyone. Hailey almost immediantly bangs into the room, literal devil horns coming from the top of her head. She has unkempt hair, her bangs lifted up to reveal her angry red eyes and mad expession. She is still in her pajamas. I half expect steam to come from her ears like she was in a cartoon.

" WHY THE F$@k DID YOU WAKE ME" she shouts. Vincent simply points at me. she looks at me. I decide that it was getting out of hand. I vaporize into thin air. I go back to Sweetie, flushed and embarrased. She is skating again. She finaly mastered her new trick. I'll try tomorrow night.

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5/14/2021 12:17pm


I turn my dorm back into the ice skate rink. I am going to try to do something I have thought of doing for a while. I leap onto the rink. My movements are mostly the same, except that I am pressing on the ice so hard, I am chinking the very tip, but not to the point where it breaks. I engrave here, jump to another area. It goes like this until I am finally finished. It is...random markings. I have got to practice, I have gotta perfect this before @sophu gets back.

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5/14/2021 5:45am

hello, everyone, today I have something special
A little poem, and I hope I can do it well
have you ever wondered, why do I always smile?
well I'll tell you, but it may take a while...
I was younger at the time, but I was always down
No matter what anyone did, I always had a frown
But then one day, as time went hours after hours
I activated my magic, and we discovered I had powers.
There was this girl, Hannah Arias, who had parents that were pretty rich
She tried to help me, stop me, without being a snitch.
But then I hit her with a lightning bolt in the midst of my fury
But when I calmed down I found out that she got killed by me, and it was very gory
Her soul and her ghost still follow me today,
So I always have a smile and say " Everything is OK"

Thank you

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5/13/2021 12:43pm

But I probably wont come. Its just a fantasy. also, Sophu.

-Out of all these people-Meanie,Vincent 2.0, Vincent,Sweetie,Hailey,Wailey,Bailey, and Kailey,

OnLy OnE oF uS iS aCtUaLlY a ReAl PeRsOn

ThE oThEr SeVeN aRe FiGmEnTs Of ThE rEaL oNeS' iMaGiNaTiOn!!!!!!!!!!!!

GuEsS WhO iT Is!!!

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