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5/14/2021 12:17pm


I turn my dorm back into the ice skate rink. I am going to try to do something I have thought of doing for a while. I leap onto the rink. My movements are mostly the same, except that I am pressing on the ice so hard, I am chinking the very tip, but not to the point where it breaks. I engrave here, jump to another area. It goes like this until I am finally finished. It is...random markings. I have got to practice, I have gotta perfect this before @sophu gets back.

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5/14/2021 5:45am

hello, everyone, today I have something special
A little poem, and I hope I can do it well
have you ever wondered, why do I always smile?
well I'll tell you, but it may take a while...
I was younger at the time, but I was always down
No matter what anyone did, I always had a frown
But then one day, as time went hours after hours
I activated my magic, and we discovered I had powers.
There was this girl, Hannah Arias, who had parents that were pretty rich
She tried to help me, stop me, without being a snitch.
But then I hit her with a lightning bolt in the midst of my fury
But when I calmed down I found out that she got killed by me, and it was very gory
Her soul and her ghost still follow me today,
So I always have a smile and say " Everything is OK"

Thank you

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5/13/2021 12:43pm

But I probably wont come. Its just a fantasy. also, Sophu.

-Out of all these people-Meanie,Vincent 2.0, Vincent,Sweetie,Hailey,Wailey,Bailey, and Kailey,

OnLy OnE oF uS iS aCtUaLlY a ReAl PeRsOn

ThE oThEr SeVeN aRe FiGmEnTs Of ThE rEaL oNeS' iMaGiNaTiOn!!!!!!!!!!!!

GuEsS WhO iT Is!!!

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5/13/2021 12:37pm

After I talk to Sophu, my body goes stiff. like I just got slapped in the back by a ruler, or like a Jack-in the box that has been turned for a day. My face turns, well, think of the reddest thing you can think of, think of it ten times redder, and thats about how red my face was. I immediantly picked up my skates. I am going to follow Sophu. not do anything. Just follow her. Not mess up her storyline. just track behind her in secret. I can improve my skating skills. I bring my classic music player. If Vincent and Sophu are going, they need to learn how to skate to get around. I will teach them.

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5/13/2021 9:32am

I spend at least 30 minutes writing each post, @sophu, your not the only one who takes a lot of time on her entries.

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5/13/2021 9:27am

Ive been thinking of this storyline for 12 years, so it hurts to see you type that I try to make you ruin work and that it isn't 'climactic enough' cuz i dont. I could get in a lot of trouble for this, so be grateful. Please

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5/13/2021 9:21am

SORRY! I TRY!!!! I TRY TO MAKE IT CLIMACTIC! THE WHOLE POINT OF MY ENTRIES IS SO YOU can continue it. I dont know when you are writing. I just want to make you happy w/ my entries.

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5/13/2021 9:18am


I am flushed,mad, and embarrased. @sophu looks at me briefly. I dash out of the room. I go to my dorm. I do what I always do in this situation. I turn my dorm into an ice rink. I turn on my favorite classical music. And I put my " best ice skater" skills to the test. I do axles, double axles, triple axles, quadral axles, quintupal axles, I moon walk, I jump, I leap, I dance, I do my signature move where I do I twirl while doing a handstand with one hand, leap into the air, and do 3 pirouettes the second I touch ice. In other words, I skate. I skate pretty well.There is a lot you dont know about me.

Then Sophu comes in. she looks at my setup. I stop abruptly.

" Sweetie, we should talk now." she says.

I change everything back to normal.

" ok. What about?" I ask, trying to stall.

" you know what about" she says

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5/13/2021 9:04am

Are you saying MY entries suck, @sophu? I try, but if you don't like them...

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5/12/2021 12:15pm

I-I-I wasn't THAT bad at lying!!


BUT I WASN'T! Even if I WAS, is it that bad to be super honest

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