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5/13/2021 12:53pm

AND FOR THE FRICKEN LAST TIME, I.AM.NOT.A. SPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*right half shuts down, I tumble into a net*

" That's MORE than enough of you, Vincent 2.0. I am glad I FINALLY to stop your incessant talking, after hearing it for 2 months after you got trapped in my computer, A.R.I. BEWARE Goodspeed's, you won't win next time. I have EVERYONE you know and love. Fight me, if you dare" This is M.V. saying that.

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5/13/2021 9:03am

all I know is that he is building...something. he needed 'advanced tech' to do it. I agreed for him to not hurt you or the goodspeeds or you in return for my parts. He didn't hold up his end of the deal. I got tricked. And know that I rescued you he is after you AND me for saving you. oh and I am offended! I spent TWO DAYS writing that. TWO DAYS. If you don't have anything nice to type, don't type anything at all!

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5/13/2021 5:52am

When I wake up, I-I see my entire life flash before my eyes.


I am in a car. The inside is nice and comfy. The seats are made of a soft black leather. The seat belts are tight, but also comfy. it crawls on my torso and into the bright red button in the corner. I see three figures. There is a female figure, similar in size to me. I can't see much of her, besides the bright blond hair. Two adult figures sit in the front seat. I cannot make out any details, besides that the one on the left is clutching on to a steering wheel, slightly turning it from time to time. I hear a slight hum of jazz music I think is coming from the radio. The girl next to me sits on the edge of her seat, the seat belt very loosely on her torso. I hear a faint talking. Everything is hazy.

" Why did you change it?" the girl complains," I liked the other one!" I assume she is talking about the radio music.

" I'm the driver, I choose the music." the driver says calmly back.

" NO FAIR!" The girl whines back. She turns to me.

" Thats not fair, right?" She says to me.

I am surprised at the sudden question, so I simply shrug my shoulders.

" now, be quiet! I need to focus!" the driver says, dipping into the back to look at the girl.

Then, suddenly, an explosion bursts from the front of the car, and the car goes flying. I cannot see, so I have no idea what has happened to the others. I fall out of the car. I feel the whoosh of the wind as I fall from the air and the thunk of my body as I hit the street. I go unconcous.

When I gain concousness again, I open my eyes. I get blinded by a huge, blaring light, and shut my eyes again, not daring to open them. I hear lots of noises, from the steady beeping of a strange device to the mumbling of multiple people talking quietly to each other. I try to make out what they are saying. This is what I hear.

" How's he doing?"

" fine. still unconscous, but fine."

" was he really the only survivor of the crash?"

" yes."

" what about his parents?"

" they were to close to the explosion."

" what about his sister?"

" she didn't wear her seat-belt right."

" is he going to be okay?"

" the left half of his body is fine, but his right side is in terrible shape. We are going to need to replace it. But how?"

"are you sure we can't fix his right side?"

" No chance. too badly burned by the crash."

" I heard that Oswald is making something that might help him..."

" NO! its to risky."

" But its our only chance!"

I go unconsous before I can hear anything else.

The next time I awake, there is not a light blinding me. These memories are becoming a lot less hazy as they go on. I am on a silver bed. I have one single cover and a thin pillow. My body is groaning with pain. I sit up. The room Im in is a dirty, poorly lit lab. It looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years, and cobwebs and dusts fill up the corners of almost every object in the room ( besides me and the bed). I can barely see anything, because the entire room is light up by a single, fluorescent light bulb. Everything looks like it is either from the 80's or far in the future. I look at myself, only to see my now half-human half-robot self. I am shocked.scared. confused. It takes me a while to see the figure of an old-looking man facing me at the end of the bed. He looks like he is dressed for a part of a mad scientist in a horror movie. He has normal hair, though, which throws me off. he looks about 40 years old.

" hey, I am Oswald Morris, but you can call me Dr.Morris." he says to me.

" Unfortunitely, your parents and sister died in a car crash, and I had to mechanize the right half of your body." Dr.Morris says, trying to sound as sincere as possible.

I simply stare. I am in utter shock. I don't know how to feel. I feel like I am about to cry, but the tears are too sad to come out.

" But don't worry, you will be able to function your right half normally soon" he says kindly to me.

Like that is what I am worried about right now. The whole things turns hazy again, almost blurry, and I realize I am crying. I take the pillow and shove my face into it, crying from my one normal eye. I hear the silent creaking and shutting of the lab door, and I am all alone. Everything goes black.

When I wake again, I am on the ground. The bed has been rolled into the corner, and a nice,clear space has been set for me. The room has more lights now, so I can see perfectly. I struggle to get up, and I wobble when I finaly get on my two feet.

" there you go! that's it! you'll be able to walk in no time" Dr. Morris says encouragingly.

" I've gotta do something real quick-keep practaceing!" he says to me.

He leaves. I take a step. I shake and wobble a lot. I feel like I am on a twisty roller coaster, and that I will fall at any moment. I trip on a thick wire and tumble into a secret room. It is even more poorly lit than the lab, lit up by a single, large computer in the corner. I crawl towards it. I see tons of 1's and 0's on the screen. I can read that because of my robot half. It basicaly says that I am a weapon. I am in shock. Everything goes black.

When I wake again, I blast through the single, grimy window in the lab. A searing pain on my left arm tells me glass got stuck in my skin. But after a couple seconds, the pain is gone. I am flying all over, having no rocket booster training. I knock onto the roof of a house. my right side has sparks flying because of the friction and shingles fly in every direction. I drop of, straight through the window of an abandoned apartment building. I am knocked out.

When I wake next, I am in a classroom. I am standing in front of a class of curious kids, with the teacher standing next to me. I know her name. I recognize her as Ms. Mary Jane. She was a strict teacher, everyone was afraid of her. although her image is hazy, I recognize her hair anywhere. I hear talking.

" good morning class"

" Good morning, Ms. Mary Jane."

" We have a new student. His name is75t46359357" I cant make out my name.

Everything goes black. When I wake again, I am outside the school. I am hiding in a dumpster, getting beat by bullies. I am crying. I am scared. Then I hear a voice. Sweetie's voice.

" HEY, lay off him!" She shouts at the bullies.

I peek out of the trash can, and I see Sweetie beating the bullies to a pulp.

" Now you know how it feels!" she says triumphantly.

Everything goes black. When I wake, I am in @sophu's collection room, tied up. She stares at me angrily, a knife pointed at my neck. Sweetie is sitting in the corner.

" Who do you work for?" She says to me.

" no one, I have no idea what your talking about!" I say

" WHAT do you want! Are you working for someone?" She says to me again.


" sorry for getting mad" I say.

"its fine." she says. she unties me.

" Your dad, the thing, its a trap. You have unfinished buissness with him, so you can surprise him. And, do you think you can get my parts back?" I ask.

no answer. Its a maybe.

I start my rockets.

" do you know Sweetie is lesbian?" i ask

" yes"

"well, she has a crush on you" i say.

She looks at me, angry. she tries to hide her face. I blast through the roof.

" Take Sweetie, Vincent, and Hailey with you!!!" I shout.

and I hope she listens.

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5/12/2021 12:13pm

I know she wants to kill me. But I have a plan. I know she is going to trap me in her collection room. I am going to let her see my memories. she needs to know. I hope I can make her ACTUALLY trust me, and not lie just as bad as me ( like Sweetie as a young child, as she just thought).

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5/12/2021 9:16am

oh and you have a stabbing problem? i have a stabbing,burning,punching,and blowing people up problem

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5/12/2021 9:14am

Sure, as long as you don't hang me up and make me part of your collection, I'll take a look, @sophu

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5/12/2021 9:06am

I think @Sweetie already has, if you read her recent entries. You can continue now. I think.

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5/12/2021 9:03am

oh, and because I know this is coming,

my faveorite guns

1.Dragon sniper

2. RPG-7

3. WES-44

4. Micro 18mm


6. PUMP Shotgun

7. MAC-10

8. 9mm-pistol

9. Machine gun

10. Uzi

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5/11/2021 12:27pm

Oh, and I have made up my mind. Ak-47. Easily.

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5/11/2021 12:01pm

( answers not in order)

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