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6/19/2021 8:13am

also i have computer time now but my parents hate anything that includes interaction with people outside of my friend group because they are paranoid about me being a stupid idiot and sending shit I regret online which I do a lot but still.
also I miss all of you babes on here just gotta wait till mid august till I can really be on here a lot

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6/17/2021 2:27pm

bro come on i had computer privileges taken away for a while. i prolly wont be able to write for most da summer until mid-august when I start school.
also I'm doubled covid vaccinated now so yay
just pretend like I'm kidnapped or something and write me in
I will create a side story until then when I can

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5/20/2021 10:49am

I read @Sweetie's scrapes on the ice. What?? I look at her and place my hand on the ice.
"Well I got some training in but I haven't even seen my Father. And Aw you had a trick to show me!" I pause as I continue reading. "WHO THE HELL IS M.V.? And i'll rescue Wailey but you know I won't do shit for @Vincent 2.0. And where is the actual @Vincent Goodspeed? I think he wants an explanation as to why I am dating both him AND his sister." Sweetie nods as I talk. She scratches more on the ice.
"Yeah he will. And M.V. is a really long story." I read and reply:
"You want out of there now babe?" She blushes a LOT and nods. I take my hands and wrap them around the ice. I twist and turn my magic before letting it out. Its still electricity, but is more of an aura of heat and shock rather than bolts. The ice slowly melts until it just a steaming puddle. I hear hissing as I help Sweetie get back on her feet. She is still shaky from not moving for so long. I quickly get us both out of the room and into Hailey's room. She is sitting on the bed when we walk in. We get Sweetie set up with a blanket and some tea.
"So how did you get her out? Wailey tried and couldnt do it." She said.
"I have some practice in melting large portions of ice." I say simply.
"Ah yes." I sit down next to Sweetie and peck a kiss on her cheek.
"NOW SOMEBODY TELL ME WHERE VINCENT IS! AND THE ACTUAL VINCENT, NOT YOUR ROBOT FREAKAZOID!" The sisters look at me for a moment before answering.....

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5/20/2021 8:15am

Notfer looks at me in shock. “You need to get out of here.” he exclaims. We look at each other
“What?” I respond.
“If he knows you're here, you need to get to another safe place.” He says. I think about this.
“You're right I need to leave. Now.” I say as I begin summoning a portal. I’m not really thinking right now. I’m just doing what I was taught to do. Evade my Father. You will never survive a fight with him. You always need to run. I finish the portal and turn to Notfer.
“Tell Loki what happened. He hates when I ditch him like this. Oh, and Notfer,” He looks at me as I lean closer. I peck a kiss on his cheek before jumping through and ending up back at school. I land in the hallway where the Goodspeeds are causing the usual chaos. @Sweetie is gone, and this strange, sad ghost girl is in her place. @Vincent Goodspeed is freaking out, along with @Hailey and Wailey. They look at me as I stand up. We all say the same thing at the same time:
“What the hell happened here??”

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5/19/2021 12:18pm

I’m walking in a snowy valley alongside Notfer.
“So you’re saying that you are here to avoid your girlfriend and boyfriend because you have serious daddy issues?”
“You could say that” I reply, tired and exhausted.
After that spar with Loki, the last thing I wanted to do was walk this far with a short Frost Giant and my dragon. That spar with Loki was especially rough. He loves nothing more than to read all my memories and make illusions of my worst fears and insecurities in order to make me ‘emotionally strong’ in the face of fear. I swear he just wants to make me hate him. It kinda works some days. Like today. What happened this time, was… especially awful. This time I had more memories and connections that could tear me apart with worry. My mind spirals as Notfer goes on and on about his new spear. I look down at my hands, I remember when they were covered in blood. @Sweetie’s blood. No, that was the illusions. Or was it? Or was it @Vincent Goodspeed’s blood? I can’t remember. Was it even real? It probably was. I can’t remember how I killed them, did I even kill them? I don’t know anymore. I try to get myself together. But I can’t. It's like, something, someone was putting this in my head. I turn to Notfer. He looks lost in thought.
“Whaddya thinking about Notfer?” I ask, trying to distract myself. He looks so sad as he looks at me.
“Am I even worthy of being here? A castle warden? I’m too weak for stuff like this. Protecting you? Protecting my people? Waiting for the inevitable war with your Father and his elves? I’m not anywhere strong enough for that.”
“What??” I’m confused as he says this. I’ve never seen him this depressed or anxious. It worries me.
“It's true.” he exclaims.
“No not that. I think we’re both…” I let my thoughts drift off with my words. Notfer is confused.
“Both what? Feather, Both What?” I realize what this is with a shock.
“Empath!” Empaths, like telepaths, but can manipulate emotions instead of thoughts. Can’t mind control, but can control emotions, mood and states of consciousness.
“There's an empath here. We need to go, now. It’s one of my father’s empaths.” I look around as I talk, looking for any other figures out in the snow. Even without the snow storm, I would be too nearsighted to see anyone.

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5/19/2021 9:30am

Note to the wise: Never spar with Loki. Like ever. It's not fun. Even though it is amazing for training and improvement, it is extremely difficult. Especially when Loki offers first.

“Oh alrighty then I guess we could spar.” I sigh nervously. “But don’t you have meetings and such?”
“I could postpone those. I have my ways.” Loki says. He stands up and stretches. We get up and make our way to the courtyard. It is made of ice, like everything else. It is lined in thorny frost rose bushes. It is empty except for us. I finish healing what's left of my bruises and scrapes. We stand apart from each other a few feet.
“So should we go hand to hand, weapons, or magic??” Loki looks at me with interest. I stare back at him.
“All three.” The energy in the space is cold and deadly. He looks at me curiously.
“You sure about that honey?” He tilts his head to the side.
“Yes I am.” I reply curtly. We look at each other. I brace my muscles.
“3” Loki backs up and cracks his knuckles.
“2” I crack my neck joints.
We are sitting in the courtyard now. Im healing my shoulder with one hand while healing Loki with the other. Currently we have no winner of our ¨little¨ brawl. So we tally up our injuries, The one with the worst injury wins.
¨Does this stab in the gut count in the top ten??¨ Loki asks
¨Right next to the burns on my ass.¨ I snarl.
¨Don't worry your girlfriend and boyfriend will love those.¨
¨At least I have a partner.¨
¨Hey that wasn't very nice.¨
¨Oh wow you know what nice is?? What a surprise!¨
¨You are literally the God of Mischief and Lies.¨
¨Hey you know I am the God of Storytelling now.¨ We finish our healing as some guards and Notfer approach us.
¨Everything alright over here my Lord..s?¨ Loki looks at him.
¨Yeah I was just getting finished with this.. nuisance child.¨ I sigh as He puts away the warm, father like side of his personality and replaces it with the rude, cunning, lying, mocking side of him. ¨What do you need me for? Papers, fighting giant time twister lizards, dealing with my brother?¨
¨No we need your heir.¨ Notfer looks at me and I blush. I realize how unkept my hair is and that I am covered in sweat.. I grab all of my weapons and shove them in my jacket. I get up and face Notfer.
¨What do you need me for?¨
¨Its time for the expansion team to get going.¨ He explains as we walk towards the main gardens.
¨Now. Go grab Clawstorm and meet me back here in five minutes.¨

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5/18/2021 11:03am

no im not i just need some time to give myself some character improvement with a cool training montage with my writing skills

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5/18/2021 10:41am

Since we have a lot of new users recently:
This isn’t a cult. Don't worry. This is a roleplay site revolving around the happenings of a high school of magical beings with unique powers. Some go on their own solo adventures, while many team up for storylines or join in on a topic while still remaining solo. I personally use this for creative writing more than roleplay but it depends on the person and the time they have available. Since this IS a roleplay site, most of us suffer from anxiety, depression, autism, etc. Also a good portion of us are LGBTQIA+. I myself am AFAB male-oriented Genderfluid Polyamouras A-romantic Bisexual. It's a mouthful, I know, but it describes me. So any homophobia and harassment will not go down well with me or the other users. Never doubt the wrath of an author with mood swings and anxiety. So yeah basically NOT A CULT WE ARE JUST DEPRESSED LONELY TEENAGERS WHO LIKE TO WRITE RANDOM SHIT.

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5/17/2021 12:19pm

I’m in the training hall. I barely notice. I just need to get my energy out. Maybe an output enough to shock a dragon. I breathe as I let my magic twist and turn in front of me. I keep it in a small ball. I let it drift around as I think about what I want to do with it. I take a small portion and wrap it around my hand like a glove. I morph it from my raw elemental magic and into a protective skin tight barrier. I form the electricity still twisting and turning into my desired shape. First a handle just right for my hand shape. I wrap my protected hand around it. Even though the magic is mine, in its raw form it will burn even the wielder. Then a thin hilt. Finally into a double sided blade. Extremely sharp. I whip it around. It is hard yet flexible, lightweight yet sturdy. Perfect. I stab around a few times until I slice through the wall next to me. It slices right through, as if it were paper. I smile as I think about what it could do to a person. I slowly suck the magic back in, careful not to waste it. I take off my jacket and shoes. I let my magic go through each and every vein. I feel my body charge up like a battery. I run across the long hall. As I approach the wall, I try to skid to a halt. I brace myself for a crash and try to kick away from the wall.
I end up launched into the air, my movements supercharged with magic. I left cracks in the wall, I noticed guiltily. I look down as I think about how I should get down from here. I kick my foot slightly. I find that I can launch myself every which way like this, gently throughout the air. I plant my feet against the wall. Steady, slow. I bend my knees. Dig my heels in. I dart forward, like an arrow. I leave a crater-like hole in the wall. My magic slowly leaks out and leaves little sparks behind me. I need to keep it tightly controlled. But this is new. I push myself to the floor.
Before I land I barely suck my magic in enough to avoid a shock as I crash into the ground with a thud. I feel my skull crack on the hard, cold floor, The pain runs through my spine as I cry out. I turn myself onto my back. I stare up at the ceiling. My vision is blurry and bloody. I try to sit up, but end up back on the ground in a new wave of dizziness and nausea. I take my hand and put it on the back of my neck. I let my magic run through my body. No bad damage, luckily, except for my skull. I let some healing magic out and my muscles stitch themselves back together. I feel the bone of my skull fit together like puzzle pieces. I sit up, slowly this time. The room spins.
I definitely need to practice this ‘launching myself at the wall like an arrow’ thing. I let my healing finish up. I managed to patch myself up, but the pain still remained. I stand up and wipe the blood from my face. I grab my things, put my shoes on and stumble-walk out. I’m walking down the hall when I run into Notfer.
“Oh hey” I say as I wave and walk past him.
“What the hell happened to you??” He asks, gesturing to the blood stain on my shirt.
“Freak weather-induced accident involving a wall, a sword, and a pair of shoes.” I answer. He chuckles. “No, I'm serious.” I say. He pauses.
“Yeah Freak Accidents of Abnormality is my middle name.”
“I thought it was Jupiter.”
“Ah well concussions cause people to experience middle name confusion” He looks at me.
“Don’t tell Loki. I patched myself up enough so it will be fine by the end of the day.”
“If you say so, my lady.” He winks as he walks off. My Lady. I blush the rest of the way to the throne room. I settle down into my throne as Loki finishes up talking to some guards.
“Do you know anything about the holes in the walls of the training hall?”
“Oh alrighty then. How about some sparring tomorrow? I need practice.” He says.

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omg im gay and depressed too
5/17/2021 11:54am

@Elisea this isnt a cult its a group of depressed introverted LGBT authors who are roleplaying to avoid the darkness of the reality we live in

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