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5/7/2021 8:03am


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5/3/2021 9:38am

To be honest, I agree with @Sweetie. I want to be an author, and @sophu realy truly has potential. I love reading her stories everyday, and I am glad to finally see someone who writes with all they can.

#@sophu is my friend.

#@sophu makes good posts

#@sophu should student of the month


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4/29/2021 12:05pm

Oh-uhh...Thanks *face turns scarlet*

But really tho, don't talk about my height.

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4/29/2021 9:52am


(My height is embarrasing. I havent really gotten taller until just recently, soo, DON'T TALK ABOUT MY HEIGHT!)

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4/29/2021 9:15am


(I'll have you know that I seemed to grow an inch or two, and I TRY to not let you 'copy' my homework because I don't think it's a healthy habit! *raises head* HM!

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4/28/2021 9:10am

As we scream down the hole, it is so loud, I feel like I am going def. But, remember how @Sweetie has long hair with puffs on the end? well, her hair puffs even more, and we use it as a parachute. The rabbit hole has everything, from beds,chairs, to maps of the world. The hole gets tighter. we squeeze through a gap. We fall out of the rabbit hole, and it shrinks to nothingness.

"wait a minute,in three,two,ONE"

Sweetie is cut short as we fall off the ceiling.

"Don't worry, I know this place like the back of my hand, but we are going to have to work togeather to get out of here. We should be coming across a very small door any minute now." She says.

"Gods, I don't feel very well. That fall hurt" Hailey says.

We come across a very small door, it is just large enough for us. We enter a huge room, with an even smaller door in the corner.

"The door is alive, and we need to drink the bottle on the glass table. BUT--make sure we have the key."

Hailey grabs the shiny key as she takes a small sip. She shrinks. A LOT. We also take a sip, and become the same tiny size as Hailey.

"well, at least we have the-KEY! Where is it! it was in my pocket a second ago!" Hailey exclaims. We look up. The key is still on the glass table. damn it

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4/28/2021 5:38am

So, everything has calmed down.

Hailey asks if someone could get her some food.

"I will! I just need to get my phone." Sweetie says. She starts looking around the ground, eventualy crawling under her bed.

"woah, there is a weird hole down here" she says. She screams. She got dragged in the hole by something.

"SWEETIE!" Everyone screams. I hear shouting in Sophu's room. I run inside. Another hole, a rabbit hole it looks like, was hiding under her carpet. She broke through the ground and fell through. I jump down after her, cannon balling.

The remaining four on the surface stay silent for a couple seconds.

"Well that was we-" Hailey is cut short by the bed literaly breaking in half and her tumbling through the rabbit hole as well.

The two tunnels were connected, because now all four of us are falling in one giant, technicolor hole. Objects float in the hole. Wait a minute-I know this anywhere. Because I have seen it hundreds of times. I think we are falling through the rabbit hole from Alice and Wonderland. AKA Sweetie's faveorite movie. So if my theory is correct, That means an elven girl, a secret agent, a reanimated Psychic prodigy, and Sweetie are falling into the Wonderland seen in the movie.

GREAT!! There goes my normal week!

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4/27/2021 12:57pm

Everyone in the room just stares. at me. at what just happened.

"HAH! told you she was your GIRLFRIEND!!" Hailey says, emphasizing certain words to make it more embarrasing.

"NO SHE IS NOT!!!" I say, but even I doubt myself at this point.

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4/27/2021 12:36pm





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4/27/2021 9:01am

One thing the man told us what that Hailey's funeral will be held on the 3rd of may. We hex my room, and bring Sweetie.

"Uhhh...we have something to tell you, but let us explain." I say. I hate doing this.

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