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6/16/2021 8:16am

I made a mistake. I realize it the morning after Annies death. If I looked at the clues, i could have figured out that Annie was innocent before I killed her. But I didnt. I feel so stupid, and i feel sorry about Annies death. Sweetie will figure it out soon. She will obviously be suspicious when Annie dosent come to her job. But then my door opens. And the opener is @Annie Sweet.

"I-I im sorry! I feel stupid for not thinking about it!" Is all I can say.

"Its ok. You unconciously gave me my magic back, so I teleported to safety." she responds.

What a relief. I am still very sorry for killing you, Annie.

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6/15/2021 3:44pm

Hailey magically removes the tape covering Annies mouth.

"Question one. Why did you trap us in the detention room?" I ask her unkindly. Silence.

"Answer the question, Annie!" I yell.

"I didnt do that!" She cries. I know she is lying.

I give Hailey and Bailey the signal. They remove the box. Wailey unties her. They throw her at me. Her arms and legs are still tied up. I hold her by the shirt collar. I grab her shoulder, and I suck all of her magical and psychic abilities out of her, so she basically becomes a normal human. Yes, thats right. I have the power to steal magic. But I can give it back. I dont. She feels the drain. I can feel her weaken. Severely.

"I am going to give you one more chance to answer truthfully, or were going to bring in Squidly, Friendly, and Peeper. Why did you trap us in detention" i say with a fierce look in my eyes.

"I didnt do that!!!" She shouts at me again.

I am angry now. "Bring them in. Now!" I say to my sisters.

They leave the room. A couple seconds pass. Suddenly, my sisters return, pulling a huge fish tank with them. On the side is a small stairway leading to the edge of the top of the tank. I drag Annie with me there. I hold her out, so she is leaning over the edge and will fall if i let go. A giant roof for the tank rests nearby.

"Squidly! Friendly! Peeper! Come here!" I call out to the water. Not long come three animals to the surface. A giant kraken, a great white shark, and a small goldfish all look at Annie hungrily.

"Meet our peys Squidly the kraken, Friendly the shark, and Peeper the bringer of death goldfish. They really,really want to eat you. Lie again, and youll be thrown in. The glass can withstand an atomic bomb, so you aint getting out of there by breaking the glass." I say to her menacingly.

"For the last time, why did you trap us in the detention room!!!!" I shout at her.

" I really didnt do that!" She cries back.

I am very mad. I push her in. She sinks to the bottom, the three creatures following her intently. Hailey magically puts the giant roof on the tank, and puts anvils on top so she would have to be able to lift 1000 pounds without magic or any phychic ability to get out. She looks at us. She starts hopelessly banging on the glass. Three shadows appear behind her. Tentacles wrap around her, realeasing all her air, crushing her skeleton, she is out of breath. She is then pulled away, not to be seen anymore.

I can now safely infer that the secretly evil Annie Sweet is now dead.

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6/15/2021 2:40pm

I finally decided. After bickering with myself non-stop about whether I interrogate Annie Sweet or not, I finally agreed with myself that I should do it. I tell my siblings (obviously not Sweetie, for a couple reasons) about the plan, and they all think she is up to something as well. Its settled. As Annie goes into her dorm after work, we immediantly go into action. Hailey and Kailey knock her out, literally, and I bring her into the Interrogation room. I plop her on the chair, and Wailey does her impossible to untie knot thing and she also tapes her mouth shit. To make sure she canr escape, Bailey puts a box device thingy on top of Annie that turns invisible so we can see her. She aint getting out of that. When she wakes up, she tries to scream. To the teachers. To Sweetie. To anyone, but the tape stops her. She looks at me and Hailey, who are standing in ftont of her field of view.

"Listen up. When we take off the tape, you better not scream, or youll feel a lot of pain, really fast. Dont even try to escape, or youll feel even more pain. We know your up to something. But we wanna be nice and give you a chance to admit it before your beaten to a pulp. Were gonna ask you some questions, and you better answer honestly, or your gonna regret it, capiche?" I say menacingly. She nods, about to cry. Let the interrogating begin...

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6/14/2021 3:12pm

Hi. Again. As the summer rolled around, everything just suddenly became normal. But not at the same time. I have recently been out and about, whether its telling @Audra Squall to stop standing at my door, or feeding our MANY pets, ive been more...noticable. Sweetie has been less out and about. Gossip has finally started spreading about how she is 'evil' or 'is trying to kill us all', but its simply not true. All she does is ice skate now (if you actially did your research on me and Sweetie and looked at the journals @Sweetie and @Vincent Goodspeed..., you would know why.). I havent seen Hailey at all since her fight/making amends with Sophu thing happened. I finally dont have 100 bunnies following me everywhere, so i think my bunny scent that i got turned into a bunny is gone. Word has also gotten out about the fact im a secret agent. Which is a problem. Were supposed to be SECRET agents for a reason. My connection with the F.B.I.P. is still down. I am starting to get suspicious of @Annie Sweet. Something up with her. Ill keep yall updated when I can.

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6/13/2021 4:14pm

I dont know what is happening. All of the goodspeeds are having to make new journals. I have lost all communication with the F.B.I.P. And I just got word that Leslie and Lewis Boieu, also known as the twin terrors, or our friends, have mysteriously dissapered. Sophu has started ignoring us, and we really need her help. Our other good friend, Jessica Ericson, has also dissapered, and multiple people have reported seeing a shadowy figire similar to M.V. i think hes escaped from the void of nothingness. I dont know how, but he did. And know he is taking our friends one by one so were like sitting ducks. Luckily, wailey returned. But sophu is spending a lot of time with sweetie now. Are cant be dating...right?

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