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Children’s Circle Summer Session
7/23/2021 8:40am

Okay, so I've been away for a while. Again. When @Sweetie2 showed me her sister, who got brainwashed, I really panicked. I may or may not have run away and hid in a supply closet for a few days.

And then, when I came back, there was a recall notice for the ciriculum, so I had to burn it. I feel a bit bad about it. I mean, who burns books? Bad people. But this book would literally brainwash whoever read it,, so I guess it was for the best. After that, I got the new ciriculum from Elizabeth. I wasn't sure if I should read it. The other Minders still looked dazed.

I flipped through it and didn't see any strange glowing runes, though, so I thought it was fine. I read a little of it. Don't worry, not hypnotized or anything. I just... I don't know. It has games and songs and stuff. Seems appropriate for summer camp. But everything is about Anything Owl. Rodent bone spitting competitions, GaGa where after ten minutes a large bird comes down and brings peace and water ice (supposedly mirroring the many wars Anything Owl intervened in), campfire songs about how Anything Owl literally BROUGHT humanity fire; I just don't know why?

I can't figure out what Anything Owl is trying to do here. Teaching the kids about themself? It seems like a lot of effort. Maybe it's just me. I admittedly haven't met many non-human non-plant people. I mean, maybe other species have other broad goals? If humanities' ultimate goal is the search for knowledge, or the search for a purpose, or whatever thing you can think of, maybe Anything Owl's end goal won't make sense to a human? Maybe it's just how our minds work? Maybe we can never understand what drives other species, not really, but we just have to accept that they work differently, even though we can't comprehend why?

Anyway. I feel like my journals always get all philosophical. But TL;DR the new ciriculum seems alright, and I guess there's no sense in not teaching it. On the other hand, you shouldn't trust someone if you don't know what their goal is... but I'm not sure I really have to trust this, and I'm not sure if I have a choice anyway. Post ya later.

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Children’s Circle Summer Session
7/14/2021 7:10am

I haven't posted in a while. Sorry. But things have been very... hectic. I always say that, don't I? Well it's usually true.

The other day before activities were about to start a voice sounded on the loudspeaker, which I had no idea even existed. "ALL MINDERS, PLEASE REPORT TO THE WATER FOUNTAIN TO RECIEVE THE NEW CIRICULUM." @Sweetie2 and I gave each other a confused look as we made our way there.

When we got there, @Elizabeth Magnolia was already there, expression blank as usual. She was holding a bunch of booklets connected with those black plastic spiral things. Once everyone was there, she started speaking. "The newly updated Children's Circle Summer Session ciriculum is ready. Minders will follow the ciriculum, or be removed from the Children's Circle Summer Session and any other extracurriculars sponsored by GROTTO G.S.M. The children love Anything Owl." I could feel my jaw hanging open in shock, as Sweetie and I shared a concerned look, which must've been hard for her while still smiling.

As I glanced back to Elizabeth, she had a weird look on her face, like she was about to sneeze. Just then, her shoes sprouted small tawny wings. She dropped the booklets in shock. "Wha- Where am- What?" She looked right into my eyes. The shoes carried her away, feet first. I hadn't seen her act like this since before Anything Owl... it was like she was back, for a moment.

Once she had disappeared over the horizon, everyone started picking up the booklets. On the cover there was a stock drawing of a few cartoonish kids playing with water balloons on a grassy field. I know it was a stock image because it still had watermarks. Over the image was the title, CHILDREN'S CIRCLE SUMMER SESSION CIRICULUM.

On the very first page were the words "Anything Owl belongs. Anything Owl will help. Anything Owl is good..." and so on. I didn't read the whole thing since it seemed like a bunch of brainwashing mumbo-jumbo. In the corners of every page were strange symbols that glowed when I touched them. I haven't read the whole book yet, but it seems to be a lot of Grotto G.S.M. and Anything Owl propaganda so far.

I'm not exactly sure what to do. It's kinda obvious that reading the book will brainwash you (the other minders had suspiciously blank expressions after the meeting). But I don't know what else to do. I think I'll call Cornelia and ask them. This whole thing gives me the creeps. Bad vibes all around. But I can't exactly leave the kids. They didn't do anything. Well, other than set my lunch in fire a bunch of different times from their minds, but that could technically count as homework- long story short, this whole thing is very sus.

7/4/2021 6:46am

Hi all.

Just to clear something up real quick, @Sweetie2 and I aren't the same person. We have similar names, but it's kinda rude to give me credit for her accomplishments and vice versa. So please don't anymore. No hard feelings, not gonna name names, but please be mindful in the future. It gets on my nerves a little.

I really liked the explanation you did of the universe, Sweetie. I once heard that all the universes together could look like a waterfall, with every universe being a drop. It's very interesting stuff. The kids may have had to come to terms with how small they all are in the grand scheme of things, but we all had fun!!

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Anything Owl
7/1/2021 5:43am

So. I saw @Anything Owl's new post. I vaguely remember Grotto G.C or whatever it's called. Mostly that Cornelia hates it. They went on rants all the time about how it actually causes more harm than good to everyone, customers and bystanders alike. I'm not going to repeat the specifics, nor the choice language, but suffice it to say they really don't like this company.

But I really need to know something, and fables be damned I will learn one way or another. Wishing seems the easiest way. But before I give you a wish, Anything Owl, I need to ask: What do you get in return? If it's only for customer satisfaction, how does that make me a customer? Why do you need my satisfaction? Thanks.

Children’s Circle Summer Session
6/29/2021 6:22am

Recently the kids have mentioned Anything Owl. Whenever I hear about it I get the shivers.

Every morning @Elizabeth Magnolia says her piece about it. The first time, I laughed and she glared at me. I thought she was kidding. I've tried to approach her but she won't talk to me. She seems kinda... different.

When the kids started mentioning Anything Owl to me they said they heard it from kids in other groups. "Anything Owl grants wishes! Anything Owl can give you whatever you want!" I was really scared by that.

It sounds really culty, and since it's my job to keep them safe, I told them a story. One of those traditional, be careful what you wish for, there is always a price you may not be willing to pay ones. I warned them about the fae.

I'm not sure how much I believe that there are intelligent beings capable of speech and reasoning native to Earth (including humans), but many of the fae stories/warnings have solid advice. Don't trust strangers, don't give strangers your name, be careful in negotiations, always read and understand the contract before agreeing.

I also told them a story about the mob to try to strike the fear of god into them even more. If you own a store and someone comes in offering goods that "fell off the back of the truck", no matter how cheap they are you NEVER buy them. That's how the mob gets you hooked, and if you buy from them once they can report you to the government. So then they ask for "favors", take your money, all that jazz. Never wish on Anything Owl, it might request more and more of you. Since I don't know how it works I decided to cast a broad net in the fear mongering department.

By the end of storytime, everyone seemed disturbed. I don't enjoy making them afraid, but I think they should absolutely have a healthy fear of Anything Owl. Sweetie also seemed frightened, but she kept smiling for the kids. I think she might be mad at me for scarring them.

I don't know what happened to you, Elizabeth, but we met a few times and you were very nice, so if your entire consciousness hasn't been hidden/taken/erased, I'd be happy to help you.

Also, before everyone calls me horrible for attempting to scare the pants off a bunch of kids, I told them afterwards that there was nothing to worry about. As long as you didn't make a deal, beings like this can't usually hurt you. If Anything Owl works like fae. If not... I have no clue.

Her make-believe friends
6/24/2021 12:15pm

I'm still trapped at Hailey and Wailey's birthday party. Please, I'm tired. Hailey keeps looking at me funny. I keep moving to strategically move out of @Vincent2's sight so he won't try talking to me.

I dozed off a little for a few minutes and had a dream. I was in my bathroom, giving myself an undercut. I gave myself zigzags. I liked it. But when I looked at it in a mirror, I saw Hailey and her paper sitting on the bathtub ledge. I woke up.

I've tried to leave three times, Sweetie stopping me each. She keeps saying to stay till cake. I hope it happens soon. I'm bored, and as much as I like Sweetie, soon I'm just going to take off. It's getting weird.

What was your experience?
6/22/2021 5:28am

Hi! My experience with the kids has been great so far, thanks for asking. I've learned so much. I think I might want to be a pediatrician after I... graduate? Not sure how long that will be.

Anyway, I highly recommend volunteering next year to anyone who likes summer camp, working with kids, and unexplained and never again mentioned phenomena.

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What was your experience?
6/21/2021 12:27pm

"Hi! Sorry I'm late!" I called. I had been invited to @Sweetie2's siblings' birthday.

As soon as I got the invite, I had decided to come late and leave early. No offense to y'all, but a bunch of you DID kidnap and murder me, and I still haven't quite forgiven you yet. Also, I knew it would be awkward. I had only decided to come because of how much it meant to Sweetie. She's been a huge help lately, and a good friend.

"Happy birthday, guys." I awkwardly handed the twins their presents. For Hailey, I got a gift card to a spa, and for Wailey I got a pack of football cards. I don't know much about them, but I hope they'll like it. Or at least, not throw the presents in my face and call me obsene things until I am forced to run away screaming. That'd be a win in my book.

They took the presents and set them down on a table. "Oh, hi, Sweetie," I swiftly made my way towards her. "Thanks for inviting me, this is fun."

"No problem, Annie." She smiles, as always, then hurries off to take care of something. I sit down as far from Vincent as I can be. Conveniently next to a bowl of cheese puffs.

As I snack on the crispy cheesy goodness, I could hear Wailey telling a story. Something about death? I didn't want to get up and ask. Nobody acknowledged my presence so far after I said hi to Sweetie, which was fine by me.

Then Hailey started staring at me. She got out a piece of paper and started writing something down. I took it as my cue to do a good old Irish goodbye. As I made my way silently to the door, Sweetie stopped me. "Where are you going? The party is the other way."

I'm stuck. I'm posting from my old perch in the corner, stuffing my face with cheese puffs. Sweetie keeps glancing at me to make sure I haven't escaped. The warden is strict. Send help.

Children’s Circle Summer Session
6/19/2021 11:17am

I was trying to relax. It's difficult taking care of children, even with Sweetie's help. I didn't realize how many questions they asked!! I try to answer the ones I can, but a lot I just don't know the answer to, or don't know if I should answer.

Like, yesterday Jack asked where I came from. "I'm not sure," I answered. "Where are you from, Jack?" I tried to deflect.

"Why don't you know where you're from? Did you just appear one day?" He was leaning over my turkey sandwich, well into my personal space bubble. I tried taking a big bite of food to buy some time. He waited. I chewed slower. "Well?"

"Something like that. How about we go get a vote on what to do this afternoon?" Success. Jack was distracted. "Ohh!! Yeah!!!! Can I do the votes? I'll be fair!!" He made a strained face, like he was trying extra hard to seem honest.

"Sure. The options are crafts, skating, and watermelon seed spitting competition. You can ask Sweetie if you forget." He ran off to conduct the vote, and I finished my sandwich. All was right.

But it's like that all the time. All waking hours, the kids keep asking me questions about myself, our world leaders, Earth security, human biology, and other things I don't know much about. I haven't played the Child Groove CD for them but I'm THIS close. My fingers are together, by the way. Maybe they'll like it and @Sweetie2 and I can take a break? We'll still have to be physically there, but through meditation you can go ~anywhere~. Or just look at our phones. That's relaxing too.

6/17/2021 11:08am

"Sweetie, I'm... I'm so sorry that all happened." I don't know what to say. That's... quite a life. Not in a good way. "I'm so sorry for your loss. At least you still have your siblings? And at least your stepfather is gone. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, but you made it here to Psyhigh. And you realized your powers. I'm just... so sorry."

I laid my hand on top of hers. I have no idea what to say. Nothing I could say or do would be enough comfort. I have no idea what it must be like to go through all that and still be so... sweet. "You're very brave, Sweetie." Very, very brave.

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