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9/5/2021 11:44am






Something wrong with me

Im getting...angry

Like really angry


@Ms. Hazeltine?


@Annie Sweet?

Anyone please talk to me.

Im so lonely ;-;

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Psychic Fair and Rodeo 2021
9/5/2021 11:38am

So heres a funny story, I got tricked into walking into a machine that makes me fall asleep. Indefinitely!

How FUN >:(


So heres what happened.

Ms. Hazeltine exscused me from my first period, so I could go to her office. She tells me I need to go in the machine. I ask her why, and she dismisses my question. That shoulda been a red flag for me. But being the obidient girl I am, I went into the machine. She closed it up tight immediately. I could still see and hear (although everything was muffled), so I was able to catch her saying,

"Thank you Sweetie. Now Hannah can participate," before turning it on and me falling into a deep sleep.

So yeah

That happened




Sweetie :3

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Psychic Fair and Rodeo 2021
8/21/2021 9:23am

HANNAH TALKS TO @Ms. Hazeltine

Hi again! Its Hannah posting again!! Recently ive noticed that a lot of my fellow ghosts are participating in this Rodeo or something. I don't want to be left out!

I know that the person you should go to for anything Psyhigh activities related is @Ms. Hazeltine. So earlier this night, I decided to talk to her about it. It didnt QUITE go as planned.

So, as Sweetie went into a deep sleep, I quietly flew over to @Ms. Hazeltine's office.

I knock on the door.

The noise seems to echo in the empty hallway.

I knock again.

No answer.

I knock a third time.

This time, she answers.

She looks a little tired, but she still keeps great posture. When I reveal myself, she still looks surprised, but not as much as most of the others were. I guess it's because she's dealt with quite a few ghosts in her career.

"Well, what a surprise! A ghost! I haven't seen you around campus! Ever! Nice to meet you!" She says cheerfully but also formally.

I dont know how she does that.

"Hello! My name is Hannah Arias! I have to haunt Sweetie for her entire life! I want to talk to you about the Rodeo or whatever." I say.

"Okay! What about it?" She asks.

"Well I was wondering if-" I am cut short.

I fade away.

I can explain why.

Sweetie had a night terror.

Which woke her up.

And if youve been keeping up with my entries, you will know I can only appear when Sweetie is asleep.

So I had to fade away.

I wasnt able to ask her my question then.

But I can now.

@Ms. Hazeltine,

May I participate in the Rodeo?

8/18/2021 2:38pm

Annie...why did you...write differently? Hmmm...somethings up...

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8/16/2021 2:31pm


Something has gone horribly wrong.

My siblings tried to make something for Annie.

So she would forgive them.

But, well, it didnt go as planned.

Why didnt Annie forgive them?

This would of never happened if she forgave them.

I think my siblings are dead.

I dont know for sure.

But now im going to be dead.

If Annie dosent help me.




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8/12/2021 1:58pm

@Anything Owl!


1. Why do you brainwash people?

2. Why do you work for Grotto now?

3. Why did you brainwash my sister?

4. What do you want with the minds of children?

5. How long have you been living for?

6. How do you want me to kill you and destroy you, Grotto, and anyone/thing associated with you for brainwashing the Summer Session kids and my sister, Bailey.


IM COMING FOR YOU, @Anything Owl!!!!

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8/12/2021 1:42pm


Hi. Surprise! Its not Sweetie! Its your favorite ghost in Psyhigh, Hannah!

Anyways, I decided to write an entry about tonight, as I told @Annie Sweet something EXTREMELY important.

When I was able to come out, I noticed by my favorite ticking clock I came out much later than normal. I also realized that I wasnt in Sweeties room. I was in @Annie Sweet's room. I wondered why, when I quickly remembered that the whole brainwash incident led Sweetie to sleeping in Annie's room.

"This is a perfect chance to tell Annie about tomorrow!" I say to myself.

Oh, and yes, I have the ability to see a day into the future. But only a day.

I decide how to wake up Annie. The classic Shake'n'Wake.

I shake Annie lightly, waking her up to see my awkwardly expressed face (at least I assume it is, I dont know, because I cant really control my facial expressions). She gives me a look that looks like she is about to scream at the top of her lungs. Just as she begins to open her mouth, I quickly put my ghostly hand on her mouth. I don't think she realized her voice wasn't muffled.

"Okay. Don't be afraid. I'm the ghost of Hannah Arias," her eyes widen at my name. "I have to tell you something VERY important, and I dont have very much time to do it. Don't scream, and i'll uncover your mouth. Promise not to scream?" I ask. She nods at me frantically. "Ok. I'm letting go. Please don't scream." I say, slowly uncovering her mouth.

When I let go, she gives a look which makes me think shes about to scream. But she dosent. She just stares at me, in utter silence. Her mouth is gaping slightly.

I look at the clock in her room.

Its four o'clock.

Ive gotta tell her quick.

"Ok, you listen up, because I'm only saying this once," I tell her," If you think you know Sweetie, or any of the Goodspeed's, then your wrong. If you think you know anything about their past, their history, their family, WELL YOU'RE WRONG! ESPECIALLY if you think you know JACK about Sweetie! She has dark, deep secrets so mind blowing, so deep, so dark, you might not be able to handle them! Well guess what, if you're REALLY her friend, and really respect her, and really trust her, YOU'RE GOING TO TRY TO LEARN AND HANDLE THOSE SECRETS! SHE TRUSTS YOU MORE THAN SHE HAS TRUSTED ANYONE IN A LONG TIME. SO I HOPE SHE TRUSTS YOU FOR GOOD REASONS, BECAUSE HER LIFE WILL BE IN YOUR HANDS TOMORROW!" Annie's eyes widen after that sentence. "SO MAKE SURE YOU KEEP HER ALIVE."

She starts stuttering. Fumbling to find words. To tell me something. Anything. But then I hear Sweetie's 'I'm waking up' groan, so I have no choice but to fade away, not saying another word.

I hope she took my warning seriously.

Sweeties life depends on it.

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8/3/2021 7:18am

Me and Annie were in a state of panic. Then, well, i cant really make an elaborate description for it, basically, Ms. Mary Jane walked in. We both went silent, like we suddenly teleported into a library.

"I saw Bailey." She said flatly.

"Uhhh...I can explain!" I say, freaking out.

"I know she got brainwashed by Anything Owls new brainwashing tactic. It was obvious." She said.

She sighed.

A deep sigh it was.

"I have something very important to tell both of you girls." She says guiltily. "You see, I used to be friends with Anything Owl."

My mouth pops open in shock. Annie looks at me with wide eyes. We are both too shocked to speak.

"As you know, I have been around for a VERY long time, and Anything Owl has also been around for a long time. We were friends so we wouldnt get lonely, and at times our friendship was the only constant in life. We actually did quite a few activities together. But then he started getting forgotten. You see, Anything owl lives on memories. He has to be remembered in order to survive. If he gets forgotten, he might dissapeer. He was close to that once. He became mostly forgotten, lurking now in the darkest, smallest shadows in the world. He changed in this time. He became...paranoid...and not very nice. When he finally was being remembered again, he wanted to make sure he was never forgotten ever again. So he started brainwashing people to only think and remember Anything Owl. And this Grotto company seems to be helping him for some reason. Now no one is safe. Well...exept for Controllers." She said.

"Controllers?" I asked curiously.

"Controllers are a small group of people, who for an unknown reason, cannot be brainwashed. They are so psychicly advanced that they can do practically anything. They look like normal people, the only way they stand out from others is that all Controllers have pink eyes." She explained.

I have a memory spark. I realize one big key detail.

"Wait a minute...Hannah Arias had pink eyes!!!" I say.

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Children’s Circle Summer Session
7/14/2021 12:10pm

When they gave us the weird brainwash books, Annie looked at me, clearly concerned.

"Are you going to be okay?" She asks me.

"What do you mean?" I question.

"Well, I know you're very gullible, and I don't want you getting brainwashed by this book." She says to me.

"Don't worry!! I'll be fine. I'm not THAT stupid." I say to her.

"Okay..." she mumbles back, clearly not convinced.

"Don't read the book Sweetie. Don't read the book Sweetie" is what I say to myself in my head for the rest of the day.

When i go back into my dorm, I plop the book on the desk. I think about what I saw. The twigs, Magnolia's...odd actions, and how the twigs are somehow controling Magnolia. Everybody else looked the same as her, well, except me and Annie of course. Its probably an infectionous thing. I hope i don't go to work tomorrow and see Annie just as brainwashed as everyone else. I start to read Bailey's dictionary, when Bailey storms into the room, her hair an absolite mess. She looks angry.

"SWEETIE!!!" She shouts at me, "YOU STOLE MY DICTIONARY!" She yells.

"Sorry" i squeak weakly.

She looks at the book on my desk. She snatches it.

"While you read the new curriculum, I will take my dictionary back," she says to me, waiving the book in the air, completely unaware of the fact that it is not her dictionary.

She starts to leave, grumbling," I'm gonna have to check for damage," as she is halfway in my doorway.

"WAIT!! THATS NOT--" I am interupted by the slamming of the door.

"Oh no. Oh no. OH NO!" I exclaim, in a state of pure panic," I have to make sure she dosent read that book!"

I rush into her room, but it's too late. Bailey sits on her bed, the curriculum resting, its pages open next to her. Her expression is blank. And I swear to the lord I saw the ends of tiny twigs pop out from parts of her body.

"Anything Owl is good. Anything Owl is great. Anything Owl is very helpful." She chants.

Oh no. This is bad. Bailey is very smart, and many know that, so many trust what she says. If she says these bainwashed words to people, they will believe her, and become brainwashed themselves. i run out the room and into Annies dorm room.

"ANNIE!" I shout.

"What? What is it Sweetie?" She asks.

I tell her everything that happened.

"Oh no" she says," this is SO bad."

7/6/2021 12:01pm

@Mathew, when I first came to this site, still writing in my original journal @Sweetie, this wasnt a cult site and it isnt now. This is a site where you can write amazing stories as a student of a fantasy school, and using your entries, can make a story and write about your life being in this fantasy school. You can write solo or collab with other like minded students to make an amazing story filled with whatever you want. That is the point of this site. The point is to write stories about this fantasy school with or without others that are intrigueing and make people happy. Thats the answer. No matter how many times people try to change this site into a cult, it will always be what i said it is.

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