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Children’s Circle Summer Session
7/14/2021 12:10pm

When they gave us the weird brainwash books, Annie looked at me, clearly concerned.

"Are you going to be okay?" She asks me.

"What do you mean?" I question.

"Well, I know you're very gullible, and I don't want you getting brainwashed by this book." She says to me.

"Don't worry!! I'll be fine. I'm not THAT stupid." I say to her.

"Okay..." she mumbles back, clearly not convinced.

"Don't read the book Sweetie. Don't read the book Sweetie" is what I say to myself in my head for the rest of the day.

When i go back into my dorm, I plop the book on the desk. I think about what I saw. The twigs, Magnolia's...odd actions, and how the twigs are somehow controling Magnolia. Everybody else looked the same as her, well, except me and Annie of course. Its probably an infectionous thing. I hope i don't go to work tomorrow and see Annie just as brainwashed as everyone else. I start to read Bailey's dictionary, when Bailey storms into the room, her hair an absolite mess. She looks angry.

"SWEETIE!!!" She shouts at me, "YOU STOLE MY DICTIONARY!" She yells.

"Sorry" i squeak weakly.

She looks at the book on my desk. She snatches it.

"While you read the new curriculum, I will take my dictionary back," she says to me, waiving the book in the air, completely unaware of the fact that it is not her dictionary.

She starts to leave, grumbling," I'm gonna have to check for damage," as she is halfway in my doorway.

"WAIT!! THATS NOT--" I am interupted by the slamming of the door.

"Oh no. Oh no. OH NO!" I exclaim, in a state of pure panic," I have to make sure she dosent read that book!"

I rush into her room, but it's too late. Bailey sits on her bed, the curriculum resting, its pages open next to her. Her expression is blank. And I swear to the lord I saw the ends of tiny twigs pop out from parts of her body.

"Anything Owl is good. Anything Owl is great. Anything Owl is very helpful." She chants.

Oh no. This is bad. Bailey is very smart, and many know that, so many trust what she says. If she says these bainwashed words to people, they will believe her, and become brainwashed themselves. i run out the room and into Annies dorm room.

"ANNIE!" I shout.

"What? What is it Sweetie?" She asks.

I tell her everything that happened.

"Oh no" she says," this is SO bad."

7/6/2021 12:01pm

@Mathew, when I first came to this site, still writing in my original journal @Sweetie, this wasnt a cult site and it isnt now. This is a site where you can write amazing stories as a student of a fantasy school, and using your entries, can make a story and write about your life being in this fantasy school. You can write solo or collab with other like minded students to make an amazing story filled with whatever you want. That is the point of this site. The point is to write stories about this fantasy school with or without others that are intrigueing and make people happy. Thats the answer. No matter how many times people try to change this site into a cult, it will always be what i said it is.

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What is this I really about?
7/5/2021 9:05am

Wait a second. People are getting me confused with Annie?? How dare they!! My name isnt even Annie! It is Sweetle Pinnacle Goodspeed. Dont make fun of my name. And whats going on with all the biblical stuff? I see a lot of recent entries quoting Bible texts and I don't want anybody else thats new thinking this a website for a cult. Anyways, sorry i havent updated in a bit. Ive just got a lot on my hands as of late. Ms. Mary Jane, our only teacher who was nice to us, came to Hailey and Wailey's party. She found out about my - uhh-flicky thing and Vincents whole turned into an albino bunny incident and Hailey's burned alive experience. So she decided to stay a bit longer to watch over us. She is protective like that. Now, just to clarify, Ms. Mary Jane is completely def. She cannot hear anything. But she has a odd ability that uses facial expressions. She can basically know what your thinking from your facial expressions, and she can lip read flawlessly. So its like she can hear, but she cant. She also has keen eyesight. Her eyesight is so good that she could see the eyes of a flea a mile away from her. She also cannot die of old age or disease. No one knows why, but she has the crazy ability to not die of old age or sickness. She is 21,385 years old. She stopped aging at about 35, she says. She can die, but old age and sickness are not ways she can die. She has one last power, the ability to extend her neck to almost eerie lengths to see places that normally are hidden from view.

Im doing well with the kids. I think they are finally warming up to me. I still cant pin any names yet, so i try my hardest to avoid using their names. I think Annie enjoys working with me. I am at the word BANTER in my dictionary. Vincent keeps apologizing to Annie whenever he can, but she is still not ready to forgive him.

To make up for the whole incident, I let her feed our pets. The government was kind enough to give our pets free shelter and food. First, i let her feed Angus, Sophie, Mickey, Benji, Luna, Copper, Bella, and Duke, our 8 pet dogs. I then let her feed Caroline, Pete, Vixen, Zero, Niclous, Mr.K, Gemma, and Susan, our 8 pet cats. I then let her feed Gizmo and Rue, our 2 pet bunnies. I then let her feed Rose, Brad, Clyde the fifth, Sarah, and Tommy, our 5 pet ferrets. I then let her feed Squidley, our pet Kraken, Friendly, our pet Great White Shark, and Peeper, our pet Goldfish. She gets tense near them. I remember they were used to kill her. I calm her, ease her fear. I then let her feed Hailey's pets (A.K.A, the scary ones). I let Annie feed Haileys pet Bobcat, Bobby, her pet fox, Mary (Mary is a girl), and her pet Dingo, Austen. I then let her feed our pet horse, Toby. Finally, i let her feed Carrie, Peter, and Copycat, our pet parakeets and parrot (Copycat is the parrot).

I then tell her how i saved her from the tank. How i gave Vincent my magic and phychic abilities while he was sleeping, and because he can only carry the magic of one person at a time, she got hers back. But Vincent dosent know this. He still has all my magic. I feel defenseless. I want it back. But I dont know how to get it.

The universe.
7/3/2021 10:22am

"Hello. Today we are going to talk about our Universe. Which might also be a multiverse. But, first things first, what shape is the universe? Banana shaped? No. Crocodile shaped? No. Universe shaped? Yes, the Universe is universe shaped, good job. But for real, the Universe can be open, closed, flat, or banana shaped. To know which one it is, you simply need to measure the sum of the angles of a really big triangle. If the Universe were open, you would get less than 180 degrees. If the Universe were closed, you would get more than 180. And only if the Universe is flat, you would get 180 degrees, like on a flat sheet of paper. So pick two galaxies that are really far away, and measure the angle of the formed triangle. Unless you are not living on a black hole, you should get 180 degrees. That proves our Universe is flat, just like the Earth. Or it might not be flat and the curvature is so small we cant detect it. But most likely it's flat. What does that mean? The Universe is infinite. Very infinite. Now, hold on a second. If the Universe is infinite, how could it have expanded from the Big Bang? It's because it didn't expand from one infinitely dense singularity, our Observable Universe did. The rest of the Universe was still infinite, but also infinitely dense, which would just give us this crud (0× Infinity=undefined). Thats why we need to unify these bad boys (Einstien and another dude). What if we were to travel to the edge of our Observable Universe? First if all, it's impossible. The space is expanding faster to the speed of light. But still, what would we find? Most likely-more Universe. And it goes on like that forever. What does that mean? Everything. If our Universe is truly infinite, everything is possible. Everything that has a non-zero probability of happening, will happen somewhere very far away, in our infinite Universe, an infinite amount of times. Half life 3, Bloodbourne 2 on PC, everything remotely possible. Just imagine, there are infinite versions of you right now somewhere, doing exactly the same thing as you right now. There are also infinite versions of you that are billionaires, or that died a long time ago. But wait, theres more -all of this is happening only in our Universe. But there may be infinite other universes, inside a bigger Multiverse. This Multiverse is permeated by an inflation field. Each time there are disturbances in this field, a new bubble universe may be born. That is the case for our infinite Universe. Now hold on a second. You may ask - how the hell is it possible our Universe is infinite, if it is inside something? If it were truly infinite, wouldn't it occupy all the available space? A good analogy is to think of our Universe as all the numbers between zero and one. There is an infinity of them. But even if they are infinite, they are contained inside this bigger number range, which is also infinite. I know its counterintuitive but that's how the Multiverse works. Don't blame me, I didn't create it. Also, a cool thing is that the other Universes inside the Multiverse can have different laws of physics. So who knows, maybe there are crocodile shaped Universes after all. But the Multiverse is also probably infinite, and it would contain an infinite number of bubble Universes, some of which may be infinite themselves. Comebine that with the Many-Worlds interpretation, which says that reality splits almost infinitely each moment, and you have got yourself a crap-ton of infinities. Now how does it feel knowing that everything you can dream of happens in some parallel Universe, and that you will never be able to interact with it, hence the name - parallel - not intersecting. That's all I have to say today kids!" Everybody looks at me for a long time. The kids look like they're having existensial crisises. Annie is amazed. Silent. "Who wants to play kickball?" I ask. The kids raise their hands. I think i stopped the crisises.

Dear Annie sweet
6/25/2021 11:51am


6/23/2021 2:07pm

Really? I am not a scary owl. Im not an owl. And im not scary.

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6/20/2021 11:14am


"Yes Sweetie?"

"Hailey and Wailey's birthday is the 23rd of june, its in 3 days. Do you think you can get a gift for each of them and come to their party?"

"Sure, Sweetie!"

Yes! I want Hailey and Wailey's birthday to be perfect. Ive invited as many of our friends as possible. I ask each of them to bring one gift for Hailey, and one for Wailey. If you looked at my OG journal, you would know they're twins. Some people have already arrived with gifts. Im making sure the decor is right. All my old friends are here.

Theres Fred Newmore, Ms. Mary Jane, the ghost of Hannah Arias (LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG story. Only some of it is posted), and, wait, Leslie and Lewis Boieu and Jessica Ericson are here too!!! I thought they went missing!!

"Where in the world were yall?" I ask them.

"Well, to be honest, we went on vacation without telling anyone!" They replied, Leslie snickering.

Thats so like them. I should probably tell you what all my buds look like.

Fred is...the most normal person ever. His hair is a normal blond in a normal style, with normal eyes and normal face. His voice was normal, and he wore very normal looking clothes. His personality was normal too, except for his large amount of kindness and many fears ( he and Vincent hate spiders and bugs with a passion of 1000 suns). Ms. Mary Jane's skin has a lifht form of tan. Her skin is still very light and pale, as she almost never leaves the School. She has a large head and a stern look on her face, even though her mouth is stuck in a large, crooked smile. She is very old school, wearing a 1910 teacher outfit of a beige button up shirt, a gray skirt, white socks, and black Mary Janes ( fitting, right?). She is very thin, and has graying black hair. She towers over even me, Wailey is less than a third of Ms. Mary Jane's height. Leslie is very young, she is only 10. But she is very intellegent, so she has skipped enough grades to be with kids at least 4 years older than her. She has large, curious eyes, and even though she is smart, she seldom acts like it. Lewis has pale orange hair, just like Leslie, and also has large, curious eyes. He is about 15, he is as tall as a 17 year old, but his face and skin are like a twelve year olds. No one knows how he looks old and young like i do. Jessica has blond hair, and her face is layered with makeup, so it is hard to see how her skin looks. And Hannah looks like, well...a ghost.

Its good to have my friends back.

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6/18/2021 2:22pm

Oki dokes, sophu!!! Good to see your still doing stuff on here.

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Sweetie asks questions
6/17/2021 11:47am

Oops! Pressed post too soon. Anyways, Annie, and literally everyone else, someone please answer my questions!!

Anyways... dang too soon again.

Is 'your mom' a month of the year? Someone told me it is.

Sweetie asks questions
6/17/2021 11:46am

Oops! Pressed post too soon. Anyways, Annie, and literally everyone else, someone please answer my questions!!


Is 'your mo

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