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5/6/2021 5:40am

Well, I have my reasons. Not anything you should be worrying about!

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4/23/2021 9:30am


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4/19/2021 12:01pm

I walk down the hall briskly. I know she knows. Vincent told her about Polar Opposites, somehow. I need to find her. I know where she is, I can feel her energy. It is coming from, Vincents dorm room??????????

Never mind that, I need to get inside, before she figures out how to kill me. I need to kill her. I ram the door open, and I see a little albino bunny and @sophu, reading the page I dread. I see the words, printed in ink, and I know it is too late. 'the only way to defeat a Polar opposite is to kill the original person, or you could kill the opposite itself, but the original will never be the same again.' i see in the book she is holding. She still dosent know I am here, but the bunny knows, he is jumping frantically. trying to warn her. its no use. I hate that book. I will destroy it. Thats when the bomb goes off, obliterating both the dorm room and a large part of the school itself. I get blasted in the other direction, I have no idea wether they survived or not, but thats when I see @sophu in a weird protective suit.

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4/16/2021 12:40pm

I made a mistake with that spell...

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4/15/2021 9:29am

Did I throw @Vincent Goodspeed... in the hole? Yes.
Did I WANT to? No
Did I have to? Yes
He would be a real pain, as he knows too much about us Polar Opposites, As he got haunted by his own. I HAVE to kill @Sweetie, its the only way to become whole. I will keep @sophu alive, but not for long. But it is really a shame I had to kill Jack a millisecond before he teleported...

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4/14/2021 12:09pm

I DID IT! I can escape!, as I step out of the white room, I get a splitting headache, and I find out im limping, @Sweetie will NOT feel good after that, but I will let her recover. Shell need the strength...

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4/13/2021 12:50pm

I can control her...I think. I may be able to warp the room just enough for me to escape. I had to lower her grades by a lot- but if I get out of here, that will be the least of @Sweetie's problems...

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4/12/2021 12:47pm

I woke up in a white room, well, I think its a room. All I see is white, all I can think of is my hunger, and @Sweetie. I hate her, I HATE @Sweetie! Shes all I can think about! I HATE HER!!!!!! I AM GOING TO KILL @Sweetie, well, if I can GET OUT OF THIS @#$&%%##@ ROOM! HELP MEEEE!!! HELP ME@#%#%$%&*())