Hailey and Wailey

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5/13/2021 12:28pm

Hailey: I wanna go @sophu!

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5/13/2021 11:12am

Wailey: I DO!

Hailey: I DO TOO, @sophu!

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5/13/2021 9:55am

Hailey: *coughs very loudly in the direction of Sophu*

Wailey: You ok Hailey.

Hailey: yeah, besides the fact that SOPHU here forgot I am the STRONGEST psychic in North America and that I am MUCH stronger than her..

Wailey: oh.

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5/7/2021 9:54am

Hailey:Correction; I am the only NOT drunk one. well, Sweetie and Vincent arent either, but, you know...

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5/7/2021 6:43am

Hailey: oh, in case anyone was wondering;

Sophu and Sweetie will be friends long after high school. even though Sweetie will outlive Sophu by half a century, they will be friends until the day Sophu dies. Sophu will marry five times before finally marrying Vincent, and they will have 3 children. They will move to the europeon country Ukraine. After living their for six months, they will flee back to America after breaking the law. Sophu will then get arrested in the U.S.A for illegal travel and smuggling, and will face a life sentence in prison. on her first day, Sweetie will be her first, and last, visitor. She will then get stabbed by a prisoner and die. Two hours ten minutes and five seconds later, Vincent will hang himself after suffering from depression for nearly five years. Sweetie will grow up to be a world famous chemist, discovering a total of 102 elements. after living 132 years, she will die peacefully in her sleep. She will hold the record for the longest life for thousands more years after her death. Bailey will be dubbed the smartest person ever, and will hold this title under her name for 500 years. In later life, she will become an alcoholic, and one night, after getting very drunk, will waltz onto cottonwood road and will get run over and killed by the last gas powered car. Kailey will be the next Bill Gates, creating the Aphone. She will only live 32 years, as she will get pushed of a cliff by Sophu. Wailey will grow up to be the shortest ever football player, and the first woman at that. She will eventually get an unknown disease called Wailey's Disease, and they will not be able to save her for she is the first to get it, and after 2 months and 13 days in the hospital, will die. I will live a long time, but one day, I will fall through a sinkhole, and get stuck in a time loop of my highschool years. But the next time I get burned, I will not come back. So technically, I will get burned alive and die on Sweetie's birthday, just not in the way you'd expect.

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4/29/2021 5:36am

Hailey: NO NOT THE PUNCHING EACH OTHER! I mean the following the storyline.

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4/27/2021 12:09pm

Everybody joins Sweetie in her room.

Wailey: HAILEY! YOUR ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"but,why,how,when-" Sophu starts.

Hailey: I'll explain it all now. You see, franz and Meanie burned me alive. They got caught, but ran away. They took my ashes, and they put it in my coffin. but a day later, I don't know how, I am alive and breathing. The ashes clumped togeather I think, and I was brought back to life. I think some of the ashes blew away-hence my skinniness.

God is she skinny. I can see her ribs, her jawbone, she does not look healthy.

"you should get rest. and eat" Sophu says kindly.

Hailey: No, I am fine, I'll just eat later, I am sure I'm- *falls on bed* Don't worry about me. Oh, you can keep your will gifts. You know, maybe I should eat a little.

Sophu groans. Hailey does not like getting cared for. She likes to care for others. She has never needed to be helped or taken care of before. But she has helped us when we were all sick. We need to help her.

Wailey: What do you say?

Everyone says yes

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4/26/2021 12:29pm

Wailey: Once the party is over, I take a small cup of water and slouch back to my dorm. I silently cry-taking a sip every once in a while to stay hydrated. I keep looking at the paper, flipping it. nothing is on the back, but i keep looking at it, hoping that it would say something like, JUST KIDDING! I am alive. It dosent. Then, I spill the water on the back of the paper. It dries instantly, but another piece of paper appears in my hands, the other one on the ground now. the label says: HOW THEY DIE, in all capitol letters. I am curious, so I look at it. some things that popped out at me were:

how Hazeltine dies: cancer

How Sophu dies: murder

How Vincent dies: Suicide

How Sweetie dies: old age

How Wailey dies: Terminal illness

How I die: Burned to death/murder

Why didnt she tell me about THIS?

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4/26/2021 9:16am

Wailey: oh and Sophu-Sweeties party starts in about 3 hours.

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4/26/2021 9:14am

Wailey: In Haileys room-I see a piece of paper on the ground. She must of dropped it. I look at the paper, and what I see shocks me. It was a large piece of paper- folded up many times. When I unfolded it- dozens of names and dates lined the paper. The label at the top of the sheet said: DEATH DATES, in all capitol letters. I am confused for a bit-when I remember. When we were little, Hailey told me she could see the death dates of anyone she meets-so long as their alive. six years ago-she put down the first date. She wrote the dates down to make sure they did not cloud her mind. she has been doing this for six years. some names that stiked out to me were:

Ms.Hazeltine: July 30, 2037. This means that she will die in 16 years.

Sweetie: August 2nd, 2144. This means that she will live 135 years-so she is a

Sophu&Vincent: october 24, 2084. this means they will die on the same day.

Wailey: January 15, 2087. so thats when i'll die.

but the one that shocks me the most is Hailey's herself.

Me: April 26, 2021. That means she will die today. but she hid it so Sweetie could have a good birthday. even on her death day-she thinks of her younger siblings.

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