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Abigail C
- 2/18/2021 7:20am

"After a particularly long and boring Necromancy Club meeting, I make the sluggish trek back to my dorm room, holding thick, loosely bound tomes to my chest. Not a single thought related to my journey passes through my mind- no, I'd rather think about next week's agenda, or the meaning of my dreams, or any number of irrelevant things. That's why I don't see it. A great, hairy entity, with four wide, bloodshot eyes spread unevenly around its circular mouth.

Its flattened, spade-like head bobs up and down as it hears me approach, and rotates to face me with a sickening series of cracks. Six long legs covered in wiry hair raise a massive spine-covered body off the ground, presumably in preparation to pounce upon me as though I am merely prey to be hunted.

As anyone in such a situation should, I perform an emergency short-range teleportation, ending up mere feet away from the door to my dorm- the last barrier between me and safety.

In a panic, I scramble through the door and slam it shut, dropping my books to the ground and clutching my chest, feeling my heart race.

For now, I am safe."

This is just one of many run-ins our student body has had with flesh-eating entities, and it is just mere chance that it happened to me. If you have been attacked or have seen one of these creatures on school grounds, please post your story here and/or contact the related branch of campus security via ∅ using code ⬙⚲⛮☉☸⚘☉❢⬙♆.

Junior Agent LuLu
- 2/20/2021 7:39pm

Did someone say ⬙⚲⛮☉☸⚘☉❢⬙♆?

Junior Special Agent Lulu here. Official Psy Corps Liaison to Psychic High School.

We had an anonymous report submitted at 7:20am 2/18/2021 of a six legged, four eyed, spine-covered hairy flesh eating entity with a needle filled circular mouth in the vicinity of the dorms. Upon investigation, it appears to be connected to an illicit Necromancy Club in the Crypt of Silent Splendor, located in the cellars beneath the administration building.

While the Psychic Security Act has no prohibition against necromancy, code 399.047 of the act clearly states that "Flesh eating entities summoned via necromantic methods must be licensed; spayed, neutered, or equivalent; and kept on a leash and muzzle when outside of the circle of control."

Obviously, we've got a violation here, boys and girls and others.

If you spot said flesh eating entity, do not attempt to pet or lure with snacks. Run away fast and report sitings immediately to ⬙⚲⛮☉☸⚘☉❢⬙♆.

In the meantime, our investigation will continue.

- 3/2/2021 9:53am


Franz Freundlich
- 3/2/2021 10:13pm

I ran across the most adorable, six legged, four eyed, spine-covered cutie in the vicinity of the dorms this afternoon. It reared up and spat at me, but luckily I had some Black Australian Licorice in my pocket and was able to lure it back to my room.

It gobbled all my licorice and then all the Pringles. But it makes the cutest little noises like "poopeepoo" and "peepoopee" when it sleeps. Takes up most of my room though. Not sure what the roommate is going to think.

Looking it up in the Monster Manual, it seems to be of necromantic origin, so thought I'd spam the Necromancy Club and see if anyone might be missing this little critter?

- 3/3/2021 11:09am

How did that creature end up in the dorms anyway? It dragged me into the haunted Math Hall bathroom yesterday and gave me some weird bites. I mean it could just be the gross bathroom but most of the skin on my abdomen is turning green where the bites are. Is that normal with heavily infected bites? Who knows. Also Im pretty sure the red and brown sludge dripping out of my ear might be related to the green skin but any advice anyone? Should I be using a certain cream or what?


- 3/3/2021 11:13am

Apparently that creature was reminded of black licorice when it saw my new shadow cloak so that might be why it tried to eat me. IF ANYONE FED THAT THING LICORICE I SWEAR IM GOING TO.... *coughs blood* RIP OUT YOUR EYEBALLS AND... oh hey my blood is turning to sludge, is that related to those bites I mentioned?

Hadrian Tejada
- 3/5/2021 6:46pm

about the creature in the halls (⬙⚲⛮☉☸⚘☉❢⬙♆) we seem to be getting the reports about, it seems to be a creature raised from the dead that has mysteriously gone unnoted it seems that one of you has been raising the dead without writing it down. please remember to note who you bring back from the dead, when you brought them back, when they died, ETC.

if anyone knows about this please report to the security office or front office

Rusty Hinge
- 3/7/2021 8:17pm

I was just a self-taught necromancer before joining Necromancy Club, so I have to say all the formal training I've got comes from @Abigail C.

I grew up on a farm with chickens and lambs and goats so there was no shortage of material to work with. Out behind the barn my brothers and I would be up all night raising the little three legged chicks from up out of their shallow graves, or the old boney goat who was too old and rangy to eat. Heck we even once brought a dead squirrel back to life in the kitchen sink with just a car battery and some bath salts!

When I joined up, Abigail was pretty focused on that whole business with her sister, which gave me time to study her old tomes and learn a few things on my own about summoning the necromantic principalities and calling up all manner of infernal (and occasionally flesh-eating) entities.

But now I've gotten myself into a fix I hadn't figured on, because some of those arch-demons of the netherworld drive pretty tricky bargains. Seems like every time I call up some kind of fiendish critter it gets loose, and I've got to trade another little bit of my soul to call up another diabolic creature to catch it. And I'm runnin' out of soul parts!

Yeah it's quite a fix ol' Rusty's found himself in I tell ya.

Franz Fiendlich
- 3/12/2021 11:43pm

Through my devout attention to the Most Foul and Ancient Rites, my powers are returning! No little thing like being struck by the PHS Bus can keep me down!

After the accident, my absurdly compassionate non-evil twin @Franz Freundlich was kind enough to place my body in a cubby in the Crypt of Silent Splendor, where I have been basking in the necronic radiation of the Unholy Objects, amassing my power, preparing to strike.

And that time is soon! All of the pieces are falling into place, and after acquiring the final Eerie Artifact, my restoration will be complete.

@Rusty Hinge, I have a business proposition for you...

Rusty Hinge
- 3/14/2021 10:48pm

Hey! I've got a great idea for a spring necromancy scavenger hunt everybody!

It starts at midnight tonight and runs until every item is found. Or at least item #13.

Also, you can keep everything you find. Except item #13. Bring that to me.


1. dead frog
2. dead worm
3. dead tulips
4. dead lawn maintenance crew person
5. dead bat
6. dead rabbit
7. dead mosquito
8. dead mushrooms
9. headstone
10. newly planted tree (dead)
11. dead robin
12. dead bumble bee
13. Ancient Eerie Necromancy Artifact with sickly green glow, drives people mad if you look at it or hold it too long

This could be a great way for some of the newer students to get to know the school. So let's show some Psyhigh school spirit and get out there and find me #13!

The winner will be crowned Least Undead at the upcoming Necromancy Club Dance.

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