Rusty Hinge

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Necromancy Club
3/21/2021 2:43pm

I gotta say ol' Rusty may have put you in a bit of danger when I asked you to go out and find that Ancient Eerie Necromancy Artifact @Sweetie.

Where did you find it, by the way?

Anyway, yeah, it has a way of, well, gettin' under your skin. And under the skin of anything that comes in contact with it, including our furry little forever friends. And it's powerful--powerful enough to raise the dead, which is why @Franz Fiendlich wants it so bad.

So, after consulting with Necromancy Club President @Abigail C, we've decided we're going to need to have a little "intervention" here. Which is why we are currently both waiting in your lil' pink dorm room, wearing our lead-lined ritual robes and goggles and a mason jar with a level 9 protective necromancy charge on it. We're gonna need to take that "gloop" with us. And we just know you're gonna understand, and not make this more difficult than it has to be.

Thanks for your understanding @Sweetie.

Necromancy Club
3/17/2021 8:38am

Hey @Sweetie!

Let me give you an insider's tip -- ignore the zombie lawn maintenance guy. If you start looking closely you'll find zombies EVERYWHERE.

What I really need help with is locating #13 from the scavenger hunt list:

13. Ancient Eerie Necromancy Artifact with sickly green glow, drives people mad if you look at it or hold it too long

Asking for a friend! But it's a very powerful OOOPS I mean beautiful artifact, and it's possible it's been stolen OOOPS I mean borrowed by other undead entities, or someone controlling said undead entities, so it might be quite a quest!

But yeah, it's uh... for my friend's birthday (yeah! that's it!) and I'd really like to surprise him with it, so if you or any of your friends can locate it and get it to me it would be greatly appreciated. Just be careful not to be hypnotized by looking at it too long, and only handle it with lead-lined enchanted gloves.

Thanks so much!!!

Necromancy Club
3/14/2021 10:48pm

Hey! I've got a great idea for a spring necromancy scavenger hunt everybody!

It starts at midnight tonight and runs until every item is found. Or at least item #13.

Also, you can keep everything you find. Except item #13. Bring that to me.


1. dead frog
2. dead worm
3. dead tulips
4. dead lawn maintenance crew person
5. dead bat
6. dead rabbit
7. dead mosquito
8. dead mushrooms
9. headstone
10. newly planted tree (dead)
11. dead robin
12. dead bumble bee
13. Ancient Eerie Necromancy Artifact with sickly green glow, drives people mad if you look at it or hold it too long

This could be a great way for some of the newer students to get to know the school. So let's show some Psyhigh school spirit and get out there and find me #13!

The winner will be crowned Least Undead at the upcoming Necromancy Club Dance.

Necromancy Club
3/7/2021 8:17pm

I was just a self-taught necromancer before joining Necromancy Club, so I have to say all the formal training I've got comes from @Abigail C.

I grew up on a farm with chickens and lambs and goats so there was no shortage of material to work with. Out behind the barn my brothers and I would be up all night raising the little three legged chicks from up out of their shallow graves, or the old boney goat who was too old and rangy to eat. Heck we even once brought a dead squirrel back to life in the kitchen sink with just a car battery and some bath salts!

When I joined up, Abigail was pretty focused on that whole business with her sister, which gave me time to study her old tomes and learn a few things on my own about summoning the necromantic principalities and calling up all manner of infernal (and occasionally flesh-eating) entities.

But now I've gotten myself into a fix I hadn't figured on, because some of those arch-demons of the netherworld drive pretty tricky bargains. Seems like every time I call up some kind of fiendish critter it gets loose, and I've got to trade another little bit of my soul to call up another diabolic creature to catch it. And I'm runnin' out of soul parts!

Yeah it's quite a fix ol' Rusty's found himself in I tell ya.