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8/31/2021 9:57am

August has been a very eventful month for me so far! I've been so busy I haven't even had time to write a journal entry. I really should have, though - I've got so much exciting news to share!

We (that is, the Necromancy club and I) have reason to believe that we've finally managed to clear out the infestation of flesh-eating entities underneath the school. There are still some small nests, but we have contained them and are researching the behaviour of their inhabitants.

Not only have we destroyed a major safety hazard, we've also allowed certain clubs to reopen. It's just perfect!

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8/5/2021 9:38am

Helllooooo! It's fairly early by my standards right now, but I can't help but be excited. Now that the necromancy club has been reinstated we're going to have a meeting tonight and do some classic rituals. Should be a lot of fun!

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7/28/2021 8:03am

*otherworldly rumbling*



[muffled cursing]

*cough* *wheeze*



[muffled] Ah, here it is!


[with greater audio clarity] Good afternoon, journal-transcribing device! You're awfully dusty... just like the rest of my room. That interdimensional exploratory trip I went on must have been a lot longer than I thought! What day is it, anyway?


... Oh goodness, yes, much much longer it seems.

Well, regardless of how long I was gone, I'm back for now. I'm quite excited to see what's changed since I left. All for the better, I hope!

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Necromancy Club
3/21/2021 7:53am

Sincerest apologies for my sudden absence! I got caught up in more metaphysics debates and found myself between realities for a little bit.

@Sweetie - Apologies if this seems invasive, but would you mind me taking a blood sample from your new... furry friend? He may be a completely normal ferret, but I've every reason to suspect that he is the juvenile form of some entity spawned by ב̸̶ּא̵̷ָל̷̴ֶף̴ש̶̷ׂק̸ו̸̴ֹפ̵̵ִצ̸ל̶ס̸- er, the Gloop.

Also, if you see Rusty anywhere, tell him there's a really big spider in his locker that begins shouting obscenities when approached. I can't get it out.

Necromancy Club
3/14/2021 10:59pm

How convenient! I was doing some personal investigation on another flesh-eater, and I think I’ve got #4. His status as nonliving is questionable, though. I think he might be undergoing some kind of metamorphosis — oh, no, he’s most definitely dead.

Is it alright if he’s missing most of his organs?

(The body is in one piece, but his lungs are currently flailing about in an attempt to consume his slithering entrails... and there’s fingernails everywhere.)

Advanced Telekinesis Class
3/1/2021 6:53am

This school is as real as you or I. But are we real? Is anything real? What *is* reality? Look into quantum physics.

Necromancy Club
2/18/2021 7:20am

"After a particularly long and boring Necromancy Club meeting, I make the sluggish trek back to my dorm room, holding thick, loosely bound tomes to my chest. Not a single thought related to my journey passes through my mind- no, I'd rather think about next week's agenda, or the meaning of my dreams, or any number of irrelevant things. That's why I don't see it. A great, hairy entity, with four wide, bloodshot eyes spread unevenly around its circular mouth.

Its flattened, spade-like head bobs up and down as it hears me approach, and rotates to face me with a sickening series of cracks. Six long legs covered in wiry hair raise a massive spine-covered body off the ground, presumably in preparation to pounce upon me as though I am merely prey to be hunted.

As anyone in such a situation should, I perform an emergency short-range teleportation, ending up mere feet away from the door to my dorm- the last barrier between me and safety.

In a panic, I scramble through the door and slam it shut, dropping my books to the ground and clutching my chest, feeling my heart race.

For now, I am safe."

This is just one of many run-ins our student body has had with flesh-eating entities, and it is just mere chance that it happened to me. If you have been attacked or have seen one of these creatures on school grounds, please post your story here and/or contact the related branch of campus security via ∅ using code ⬙⚲⛮☉☸⚘☉❢⬙♆.

School Store Oddities
2/12/2021 9:20am

@ewag Exactly what it says it is, darling- a website wherein the students of Psyhigh may post "journal entries". Said entries may contain a variety of things. They may be journals as the title suggests, or club advertisements, or warnings, or... just about anything, really. Oftentimes our work is misconstrued as fiction by outsiders, and I'm certain that some of us here really do not exist, but I assure you, the majority of us are perfectly real. Or at least close to it.

... Well... Some of us aren't real, but that's a normal thing, and we're used to it by now. Excuse my insensitive language, but "fake" people are "real" too.

With that lecture out of the way! I recently saw a large jar full of crab spawn being sold at one of the school's various courtyard vendors. As the president of the Necromancy Club and student council applicant, it's my responsibility to make sure there isn't a repeat of the crab insurgency that took place last summer. I approached the stand so I could assess the crabs' level of sentience, but before I could reach it, someone ran up and snatched the jar right off the counter without even paying.

So... we need to find the jar of crabs as well as the person who took it. Thievery is unacceptable.

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2/11/2021 9:08am

att av egos pur ide unn. imun primas egos unn. per igos, pur imas, pruva ed vidoi imaca. pruva ed vidoi imaca. emunnoi egos taf.

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Back to School Blues
10/29/2020 7:52am


[papers shuffling] [indistinct conversation from unseen crowd] [footsteps]

AC: Fellow students...

[room goes quiet.]

AC: ... I have gathered you all here today to discuss the [several unknown words, tape possibly manipulated]. After the crustacean uprising in September, I'm sure we're all anxious to know whether or not I'll be back... and, well, I'm right here, so that answers the question.

[audience laughter]

AC: Regardless of whether or not I hold the position of club leader, we still must remain vigilant. [unknown, static unrelated to manipulation] will always be watching our [unknown] and the thing within the [unknown, manipulation evident] is...

[something underneath the stage suddenly explodes. speaker (AC) grabs on to her podium but falls over the platform's edge regardless. the crowd goes into a panic as AC scrambles to her feet and backs away from the stage.]

[a single crab crawls onto the podium and pulls the microphone down to its face.]


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