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Necromancy Club
3/16/2021 7:56pm

Attention! all student, if you happen to see a man wearing a Lawn maintenance Jumpsuit with skin that looks like beef jerky, and can be seen horrifyingly mutilating some poor defenseless plants please report to the front office.

in other news the botanical gardens are closed until further notice

Necromancy Club
3/15/2021 6:44pm

Attention all students! A lawn maintenance crew person by the name of Tim Wayland has gone missing and his wife as has been calling the school about it. here is a rough description of him :
Curly red hair
Lawn maintenance Jumpsuit
About 5'8
Brown/ Hazel eyes

in other news this Tuesday all members of the Necromancy Club will have to stay after.

3/10/2021 6:16pm

Attention: Students. Do not neglect to wash the Walking Eye! it tends to get irritable when left out to dry. remember what happend last time you all forgot to wash it it burned down the first The Weather Monitoring Station we dont want to have to rebuild another.

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3/5/2021 7:13pm

hello students

we have received reports of slander towards Triclops people

please avoid being racist towards any people with three eyes, we are trying to be as inclusive as we can at psychic high, any stereotypes you may have heard about them being thieves are simply untrue.

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Necromancy Club
3/5/2021 6:46pm

about the creature in the halls (⬙⚲⛮☉☸⚘☉❢⬙♆) we seem to be getting the reports about, it seems to be a creature raised from the dead that has mysteriously gone unnoted it seems that one of you has been raising the dead without writing it down. please remember to note who you bring back from the dead, when you brought them back, when they died, ETC.

if anyone knows about this please report to the security office or front office