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Melonia Hydrox
- 5/28/2024 10:42pm

There was an accident or something on the UXIKRA so they made everybody get into the longlong pods. On account of not having enough power for regular life support. Plus it's gonna take FOREVER now since the reactor is broken too.

So they plugged us in to the nightnight drive and here I am! And let me tell you it is sooooo realistic!

My family's quarters were in B978c. How about you?

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lu bionica
- 5/25/2024 11:16pm

Can somebody direct me to the robot arm wing?

- 5/22/2024 11:50pm

Thrilled to be hired on as a teaching assistant at Psyhigh. Dream Job!

Not a lot of schools will employ rippling wordstreams, since many people still feel uncomfortable around non-corporeal language storms. So, a big thank you to Psyhigh's commitment to diversity. And to the teacher I'll be working with (and mentor) -- Whispering Eddy!

Hilda Gross
- 5/19/2024 11:05pm

I couldn't fly or turn invisible or walk through walls or teleport or travel through time or shapeshift. I lived in a prison of gravity and solid matter and the relentless and immutable forward march of time.

I found the flyer on the sidewalk. It had gotten blown there with some other garbage like a Ho-Ho's wrapper and a fast food napkin. It was stained and dirty and had a footprint on it but you could still read it.

I didn't realize there was another School of Thought.

Hebdomad Jones
- 5/16/2024 11:28pm

Everybody's got to have something special to get into Psyhigh. It's part of the application process. Kids make videos and stuff to show off their skills.

Mine is that I can intuitively navigate any bus system and find my way to wherever I need to be. But it's not always the place you thought you were headed.

I used a GoPro strapped to my forehead like a cave light.

Scribbly Scrimes
- 5/12/2024 4:27pm

I used to think that the caterpillar in my backyard was just there to eat leaves and such. Now I know to feed it duck meat everytime it scratches at my window!

If you don't, you have to make up for it by giving up a piece of your soul. It's very forgiving though, so it only took my ability to see color this time. I miss knowing what red looks like, but that's the consequences of my actions!

I hope this advice helped (:

- 5/9/2024 6:41am

Howdy! My name is Scaramouche Vatimoses, I transferred from Camp Half-Blood, and my godly parent is Dionysus. I'm 14 and a freshman, I'm excited to learn! My favourite drink is unsweetened iced tea and my favourite food is apples.

Hexandra V
- 5/6/2024 9:42pm

My parents were on the "Plane from the Future." Fight 309. The one that disappeared over the ocean and was sent back to our time.

Three months before it left.

Dilly Oaklet
- 5/4/2024 6:40am

Hey everyone! Im dilly, and i have transferred here from stormy high.

Stella Roberts
- 5/2/2024 5:31pm

Hey, everyone, I'm happy to be here.

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