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Violet Ray
- 3/27/2024 10:42pm

Whenever I get accused of "freezing" or "breaking up" or "getting choppy" in a video call I always take it personally. Because my video image is part of me and it's my fault I'm doing it. I'm the one that's causing it.

Penny Black
- 3/25/2024 10:53pm

Saw a kid knock their smoothie over at the Spoonbender. Dumped across the table and all over another kid's pants.

I saw it coming. Saw it even before I "decided" to go to the Spoonbender.

But no matter how many times I see things before they happen, no matter how many times I have documented proof, there's still one thing I can't help feeling.

It's a trap. For suckers.

- 3/21/2024 10:27am

my name is not cheeesestain. i wont reveal my real name but ill just go by bingo wally since it sounds like a cool and fun name :)))))!!!!!!

Noreen Human
- 3/19/2024 10:50pm

I am a human. 100% human. Yessiree. Nothing to see here. Only just regular human. Yup.

Michelle Krazzus
- 3/16/2024 1:45pm

Ello there. Took me a bit to teleport here from my home dimension but I am here now. My mom (human side) always tells me I need to interact more with humans.

Saturnia Smitten
- 3/15/2024 11:56pm

On my planet we don't say "hello."

We say "bnbss." Which means "meow."

Edith Lens
- 3/13/2024 10:19pm

Today the yard was swarming with snakes. A colony of snakes slithering towards the garden, over the grass and mud.

It's a whole new language of experience here at Psyhigh.

betzz z.
- 3/10/2024 10:32pm

I am a transfer student from Small Girls School District

Ryan Tidbits
- 3/9/2024 10:07pm

My girlfriend was the one who got encapsulated. When that girl got smashed by the meteor? Her.

It was an "interstellar visitor" made of crystal, and it absorbed her and put her inside it. At least that's what it looked like from the one photo that was leaked. They say it was faked but I was at her house the next morning and I saw it with my own eyes. And all the weird markings that looked like a language. Then it all just got hush hushed like it was just another meteor crash.

Anyway I kept saying stuff so they transferred me to this school.

Sara Rose
- 3/6/2024 1:50pm

The website told me to say hello so HOLA SOY DORA

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