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4/2/2024 6:41pm

I've been trying my hand at Occlupanid research, as of recently.
I actually decided to join the HORG, The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group. Which is essentially a Database of Synthetic Taxonomy. They seem to be called bread tags/tabs here.

Class Occlupanida (Occlu=to close, pan= bread) are placed under the Kingdom Microsynthera, of the Phylum Plasticae. Occlupanids share phylum Plasticae with “45” record holders, plastic juice caps, and other often ignored small plastic objects.

I have been instructed to inform all of you that if you find an Occlupanid that is not in the Horg's database that you contact them at:

or mail the specimen to them at:

Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group
2111 San Pablo Ave #2243
Berkeley CA 94702-9991

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Say Hello!
4/2/2024 5:20pm

I guess I should introduce myself as well.
It's nice to meet you all, I am Omen. Omen Desmer.
I'm still not exactly sure how I got here...? I was originally an inhabitant of the Vega Collective.
None of my hive-mates are here, and everything is so different.
Can't wait to learn more about Psyhigh. :)

4/2/2024 5:15pm

Remembering what I can from Botany with Bungfoot on Vega Radio, I've been trying to start a small garden. Despite the different flora, gardening is quite similar.
The Rafflesia Arnoldii seems to be quite similar to some of the flora in Vega, perhaps I can change my perception of the high school.

They seem to have a Milk? It is similar to the Happy Hive Ant Molk back at Vega.
I can't wait to tell my hive-mates all of my discoveries... once I am able to go back that is.

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4/2/2024 5:06pm

It has been quite odd acclimating to a high school life after living with the Vega Collective for so long, such a large culture shock.
People have faces? What is up with that?
I am considering that I may not just be acclimating to a high school, but a new reality all together. I mean, they don't have The Meatles here, no Vega Radio, not even FCFC F's & C's. What else am I supposed to eat for breakfast?
I miss my collective, it's just not the same here.

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