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Small complaints
5/14/2024 11:03am

I have been thinking of joining the Weasel Creek Kids, after all, I love the woods and I love creeks, so why not? Seriously, why not; I feel like there's some sort of catch so someone please tell me.

5/13/2024 5:27am

Hey guys! Warning for all that need it! In room 902 I sat in the chair in the back and it possessed me and made me temporarily a chair so do not sit in the chair in the very far back left.

P.S, I am not a chair anymore and I only think it had minimal effects because I'm scared of chairs now.

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Say Hello!
5/9/2024 6:41am

Howdy! My name is Scaramouche Vatimoses, I transferred from Camp Half-Blood, and my godly parent is Dionysus. I'm 14 and a freshman, I'm excited to learn! My favourite drink is unsweetened iced tea and my favourite food is apples.

5/9/2024 6:26am

I almost broke my glasses because of all of the high-frequency vibrations here, are there like... special glasses I can get?

5/9/2024 6:20am

Hi I'm Scaramouche but you can call me Scott :)