Penny Black

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6/26/2024 11:23pm

Oh maybe I'm just being negative.

Really, it's still a magical feeling to be able to see the future. Like you've been specially handed your own enchanted deck of cards, and each one you draw is another moment you're bound to see.

I mean, maybe we've all got a deck like that, whether we can look at the cards or not.

Either way, there's only so many cards in the deck before you run out.

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4/29/2024 9:57pm

You get a few glimpses and think you're on to something. Think you're somebody special. Maybe it was a dream or just something you think you remember. Usually something inconsequential, like watching a mailman cross the street. Sometimes something big, like a vision of your graduation.

And then it comes true.

They're planted visions. Visions to keep you going down the track. Till there aren't any more places to turn around.

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Say Hello!
3/25/2024 10:53pm

Saw a kid knock their smoothie over at the Spoonbender. Dumped across the table and all over another kid's pants.

I saw it coming. Saw it even before I "decided" to go to the Spoonbender.

But no matter how many times I see things before they happen, no matter how many times I have documented proof, there's still one thing I can't help feeling.

It's a trap. For suckers.