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5/14/2024 9:21am

I got stuck in a classroom closet and it's like a maze in here!! ):< I'm in the ballpoint pen section and it's been like 10 minutes! There's nothing but ballpoint pens! I can't find any other sections or a way out yet. The need to give out a map for these or add signs.

This is classroom 312 by the way, so if someone could just leave the closet door open in there I'm sure I'll find my way out.

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5/13/2024 6:05am

Ok, update, Jeffery is 100% watching me. If anyone can tell him to stop, that would be awesome. I can feel his radiation from here and it's making my skin itch a little.

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5/13/2024 6:02am

There's this guy I know named Pork Smith. He's usually in the bathroom with all of that slime(mud?) on the wall. Third stall, password is "Lens" but say it like it has a z. He's a weird guy but trust me it's worth it.

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5/13/2024 5:59am

I feel like Jeffery is watching me.

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5/12/2024 4:31pm

I think my caterpillar reproduced.

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Say Hello!
5/12/2024 4:27pm

I used to think that the caterpillar in my backyard was just there to eat leaves and such. Now I know to feed it duck meat everytime it scratches at my window!

If you don't, you have to make up for it by giving up a piece of your soul. It's very forgiving though, so it only took my ability to see color this time. I miss knowing what red looks like, but that's the consequences of my actions!

I hope this advice helped (: