Children’s Circle Summer Session

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Annie Sweet
- 6/19/2021 11:17am

I was trying to relax. It's difficult taking care of children, even with Sweetie's help. I didn't realize how many questions they asked!! I try to answer the ones I can, but a lot I just don't know the answer to, or don't know if I should answer.

Like, yesterday Jack asked where I came from. "I'm not sure," I answered. "Where are you from, Jack?" I tried to deflect.

"Why don't you know where you're from? Did you just appear one day?" He was leaning over my turkey sandwich, well into my personal space bubble. I tried taking a big bite of food to buy some time. He waited. I chewed slower. "Well?"

"Something like that. How about we go get a vote on what to do this afternoon?" Success. Jack was distracted. "Ohh!! Yeah!!!! Can I do the votes? I'll be fair!!" He made a strained face, like he was trying extra hard to seem honest.

"Sure. The options are crafts, skating, and watermelon seed spitting competition. You can ask Sweetie if you forget." He ran off to conduct the vote, and I finished my sandwich. All was right.

But it's like that all the time. All waking hours, the kids keep asking me questions about myself, our world leaders, Earth security, human biology, and other things I don't know much about. I haven't played the Child Groove CD for them but I'm THIS close. My fingers are together, by the way. Maybe they'll like it and @Sweetie2 and I can take a break? We'll still have to be physically there, but through meditation you can go ~anywhere~. Or just look at our phones. That's relaxing too.

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Annie Sweet
- 6/14/2021 4:18pm

Sweetie joined our group today. I tried to give the kids a Talk beforehand. "Alright pals," I said as we were waiting out in the congregation area, "how do we act to our new friend, Sweetie?" Some of the children, whom I shall not name, bared their teeth at me and hissed. Some others laughed, and a few tried to shush the troublemakers. "That is NOT polite y'all. We treat everyone with respect. Now, how are we going to act today?"

"We will be nice to Sweetie," they grumbled. I grimaced. It'd have to do, because just then, she walked in the door. I will admit, I did stare. I know it's rude, but most people in the walls are very short, and Sweetie is... not. That's wonderful, of course. Evolution is amazing. But if I came off as starey, I'm really sorry. Like, really sorry.

Anyway, when she got there she said something to the kids about being their new counselor. They just stared. I cleared my throat but nobody seemed to notice. Then I went up to @Sweetie2. Check her journal for that. But the gist is she had no idea what to do. "It's easy! We just have to do fun crafts and games and stuff with the kids and make sure they don't go home with repressed trauma. Or trauma of any kind. Especially head trauma, they can sue us into the void by the swings and back for head trauma." I was even more anxious now.

"Okay. That sounds right." Sweetie replied, smiling... well... sweetly. Then we rounded up the kids to go play volleyball. It was fun. Sweetie's team won. I still don't really understand the rules, but we had a great time.

After lunch we did cloudwatching. I saw a hot pink one, but as soon as I pointed it out it disappeared. I can tell Sweetie thinks I'm lying about it. I could've just imagined it I guess. It did look suspiciously like a spider nest.

Well, that's pretty much it for today. Read ya later.

Annie Sweet
- 6/14/2021 4:49am

Hey @Sweetie2! I'm so excited to be working with you! The kids sure are a handful, I could use the extra help. I've been saving the Child Groove CD I found for a special occasion, and I think your arrival is just that.

This morning I told the kids you'd be coming, and half of them started opening their mouths to show glowing teeth. I think that's new. I asked them what it was about and they all started laughing. Sometimes being an Adult is no fun. You're always left out of the joke.

Tell me if you have any specific crafts or games in mind. We've been playing four square every day, and I think they're starting to catch on that I don't know any other camp games. See you soon!

- 6/13/2021 4:03pm

Everyone states awkwardly. "YOU want to help? Didnt you almost blow up the school? Twice?" "I think youll be pleasently surprised!" I say cheerfully. They scowl down at my resumè trying to find something to critisize at every word. I look around nervously. I really want this. Not for the money, anyone who knows me knows that. They finally stare up at me, in utter shock, it seems. "Wow. This is good. Really good. You start next week. Your being paired with @Annie Sweet." I feel good with joy coursing through my veins. All of the school drama just kinda stopped. Hailey and Sophu made amends. My siblings know and except the fact that i am lesbian. But one thing has stayed the same. I am not the biggest fan of Annie Sweet. She is just so smart and crafty. And im so...not. i always feel like she is bragging whenever she says something. But i am called Sweetie for a reason. I feel anger twinge when i get the news i am going to have to work with her all summer. I take my papers and leave the room, still smiling.

Annie Sweet
- 6/10/2021 10:23am

Sorry I didn't update my journal!! I've been so busy looking after the kids. Yeah, I got in. I'm so excited to be working with them. Yesterday we made light bulbs with layered bioluminescent sand. The bulbs themselves are a different shade of green for each kid. They look very cool, but the kids couldn't sit still in their hazmat suits. I guess the surprise field trip to Chernobyl I had planned is a bust. Unless they have their guardians sign waivers.

The only thing extremely noteworthy about the competition is that Alice almost got me out. It was like she was targeting me, which I bet she was. No hard feelings Alice, hope you recover soon! Those cuts looked bad.

Also, I realized I'm pretty handy with a sword. I found one in the middle of the competition. They're letting me keep it as a souvenir. Something about it not belonging to the school and they don't know how I got it.

I'm looking forward to working with all the other Minders, especially @Elizabeth Magnolia . I can't wait for an awesome, kind of educational, somewhat hazardous summer!! <3

Molly P
- 6/8/2021 7:11pm

I am struggling with how to handle one of the kids in my group at Children's Circle Summer Session. I won't mention her name here to protect her privacy. Ms. Hazeltine had us sign the privacy contract and I don't want to get in trouble and violate any rules on the only 2nd day of camp.

This kid keeps climbing the walls and crawling on the ceiling in the middle of Demonic Summoning Singalong time. She totally distracts the other kids and the entire Singalong becomes alllll about her.

How can the other kids learn with her distracting them so much? Now two of the other children are trying to climb the walls too. I called my mom who has taught preschool for over 87 years and she said I just need to be really loving and patient with the little brat, I mean kid.

Ugh I am dreading tomorrow. Maybe I can have her transferred to another group but I know Derrick Frampton has two really rowdy girls in his group and probably won't take her. I heard one of his kids is a biter, it's one of the WolfenGroup kids but still.

I am going to do a Gargoyle Compassion Meditation tonight before bed to see if it helps me be more patient tomorrow. We are doing Tie Die Death Shrouds and it will be really hands on and I want the other kids to at least get a Death Shroud to take home at the end of the week. I could not even get them to finish today's craft because my little wild kid kept making all the craft materials disappear.

Honestly, I don't think working with kids is my thing.

Derrick Frampton
- 6/7/2021 11:10pm

First day with the Children’s Circle kids, and let me tell you they are a joy to work with. I’m from a 7th generation Waldorf family, so my anthroposophic force runs strong. This is certainly helpful in connecting to the Children's Circle kids on their own plane, and I found them highly adept at Eurythmy, artistic work, and especially circle games. They even taught me a game, which they called "Sinestra, the Almond-eyed Mother of the Night" and though the rules didn't quite make sense, they swore that Sinestra would visit me tonight and take me to her tomb of nuts and I would sleep forever more.

What imaginations!

Also, so drowsy...

Elizabeth Magnolia
- 6/6/2021 10:57pm

Wow am I beat! But so happy to have made it to the final 13 winners of the Children's Circle Summer Session psychic childminders crew. And my apologies specifically to Brandi, Cecelia, Allan, and Joy. I'm sure you know it was nothing personal and the Psyhigh nurses will have you all right as rain soon. And to everybody else in the 33 who didn't make the final cut.

After being formally inducted and led blindfolded to an undisclosed location in the catacombs, we've got our bunks and will get to start with the little psychic tykes this week. Sooooo looking forward to it, and to working with @Annie Sweet and the rest of the team!

Annie Sweet
- 6/4/2021 6:25am

I've started the invocation/battle royale process! I'll post a little about it here as it progresses, but I'm going to have to be somewhat vague in case any other candidates read my posts. I shudder to think actual sentients see what I write here.

So, the day started out boringly. I had some oatmeal, made sure my boss knew that I was taking an educational leave for an undetermined amount of time, and packed a small backpack. I packed some extra clothes, some survival tools, and some things I think the children would like. I bade goodbye to Cornelia, and I headed off for the main campus.

When I arrived, there were many teenagers in a circle in a very large courtyard. I went up to one with an orange pair of sneakers and asked if this was for the Children's Circle Summer Session Childminder Invocation.
"Yes, watch the sneakers, they're new."
"Alright. Can I stand here?"
"As long as you don't do anything to my new sneakers." They glared at me suspiciously.

I don't know why someone would wear new sneakers to a battle royale, but it's really none of my business anyway. Just then, a tall, lithe figure glided to the middle of the circle. "Listen up students," he boomed. The crowd fell silent, which wasn't much of a change, since everybody seemed to be either terrified or scarily calm. "If you're not here for the Children's Circle Summer Session Childminder selection, leave now in an orderly fashion, following directive 9 safety measures until the selection is complete." A few people left hurriedly. "Good."

"Now, first things first, let's go around in a circle and say our names, grade, and one interesting fact about ourselves." More people left. "You go first," he pointed to someone across the circle who I couldn't quite make out. "SPEAK UP!" He boomed. I could hear a faint yell across the yard as they said, "I'M CHARLIE, I'M A SOPHOMORE, AND I WENT TO THE FIRST OLYMPICS!" The man nodded. "Good, let's go clockwise. NEXT."

It went on like that for a while. When we got to me, I yelled, "I'M ANNIE, I DON'T REMEMBER MY GRADE AT THE MOMENT, AND I LIKE LONG FURBY A CONCERNING AMOUNT!" He nodded, as he did with everyone. It was orange sneakers' turn. "I'M ALICE, I'M A SENIOR, AND I COLLECT SPOONS!" He nodded, and the introductions moved on. I held out a hand. She shook it and we smiled at each other.

After introductions were done, it was time for invocation. Sadly, we first were sworn to never repeat what we saw there, may our corporeal bodies turn to dust but the consciousness of the universe still not pry it out of our souls. So I can't say. But after it was done, I am allowed to say there were only 33 of us left, including myself. Now, since it's technically a Friday, we're having a Get To Know You sleepover before the big fight. I was promised marshmallows.

I'll keep this journal updated. They say before the sleepover we have to show proof that we know CPR and First Aid, have Anaphylaxis Training, Recovered Memory Training, training in the Five Kinds of Combat (Lvl 6) and Defensive Driving, a Psychic Criminal Background Check, and a WWPCC. We're also taking some tests which will be fun. Alice and I seem to get along great. I can't wait to start!

wee woo
- 6/3/2021 10:07pm

I'm gay.

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