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Children’s Circle Summer Session
6/22/2021 8:09pm

I’m not sure if this is relevant @Elizabeth Magnolia, but we’re supposed to report any “significant” dreams to the group, so here goes.

I’ve was paired with @Molly P after @Derrick Frampton “fell ill.” You know there are kids from the Wolfen Group there, and they’ve been talking about Anything Owl too. They were having a pretend birthday party and made paper hats that looked like owls. Really showing excellent craft skills.

But last night I ended up having a nightmare that I was at some kid’s birthday party and I remember a big bowl of Cheetos, and @Annie Sweet was there and she was trying to leave the party but this big scary OWL kept flapping its wings and attacking her.

So when didn’t see @Annie Sweet today I thought I should mention it.