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Children’s Circle Summer Session
7/2/2021 12:27pm

Hey Everyone.

They still need child minders for Children's Circle Summer Session. I was asked to get the word out. Don't hold back because of my experience this summer. Most the the Children are not WolfenGroup kids and are actually pretty funny and fun to hang out with. (Except for that one kid but I heard she hasn't signed up for any more sessions this summer, whew.)

I won't be returning this summer, you know, because of what "happened" to me in the Ravine. I guess it's gonna take a while for me to heal from my "injuries".

Meanwhile my parents are still pursuing legal action against WolfenGroup. Frankly, I am like, "you guys need to be investigating the history of the Ravine instead." I know of kids in the past who have gone in there and never come out. Well you know there are whispers about it. I guess it hasn't always been part of the campus. PsyHigh acquired the Ravine and its surrounding land in the 30's as part of the great expansion. The Ravine has never been on any real maps, of course like most of PsyHigh campus, but there is mention of it in the Crane Book of Psychic Lands way way, you know, waaaay back when the ancient ones roamed this neck of the woods. To me the Ravine is more a safety issue for students than the dumb WolfenGroup. I would love to finally uncover its true secrets!

It sure makes ya think.

Children’s Circle Summer Session
6/30/2021 3:21pm

You guys I know I haven't posted in a while! The end of the first week's session of camp had me laid up with 5 broken ankles and a sprained elbow from Tie Dye Death Shrouds craft activity. One of the WolfenGroup kids made a run from Derrick's pod while they were doing the Reanimated Stick Bug craft and smashed into my group's crafting area and I fell down the Ravine.

My parents now want to sue WolfenGroup. I am kinda embarrassed by this now. I guess the WolfenGroup donates a lot of money every year to the PsyHigh Annual Fund (the founder was like one of Psy High's first students) and they have a lot of power at PsyHigh. I don't want to be the unpopular kid in the fall on campus. You know what I mean? What if the school has to cancel the Halloween Dance in October because their main sponsor of the dance (Ok they do cool decorations I gotta admit) is in court with, ahem, my parents?

I can't believe my mom's own experience of dealing with difficult parents at her preschool she works at hasn't made her more sensitive about you know, NOT trying to ruffle the feathers (of the Great Undead California Condor to be precise) at your kid's school!

Meanwhile, it has taken me forever to heal from my injuries (both physical and psychic) from my tumble in the Ravine. You know what they say, "What happens in the Ravine stays in the Ravine". I mean..the legends are true.
I gotta go, I need to babysit my little sister while my parents meet with the lawyer god this sucks.

Children’s Circle Summer Session
6/8/2021 7:11pm

I am struggling with how to handle one of the kids in my group at Children's Circle Summer Session. I won't mention her name here to protect her privacy. Ms. Hazeltine had us sign the privacy contract and I don't want to get in trouble and violate any rules on the only 2nd day of camp.

This kid keeps climbing the walls and crawling on the ceiling in the middle of Demonic Summoning Singalong time. She totally distracts the other kids and the entire Singalong becomes alllll about her.

How can the other kids learn with her distracting them so much? Now two of the other children are trying to climb the walls too. I called my mom who has taught preschool for over 87 years and she said I just need to be really loving and patient with the little brat, I mean kid.

Ugh I am dreading tomorrow. Maybe I can have her transferred to another group but I know Derrick Frampton has two really rowdy girls in his group and probably won't take her. I heard one of his kids is a biter, it's one of the WolfenGroup kids but still.

I am going to do a Gargoyle Compassion Meditation tonight before bed to see if it helps me be more patient tomorrow. We are doing Tie Die Death Shrouds and it will be really hands on and I want the other kids to at least get a Death Shroud to take home at the end of the week. I could not even get them to finish today's craft because my little wild kid kept making all the craft materials disappear.

Honestly, I don't think working with kids is my thing.