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Children’s Circle Summer Session
6/8/2021 7:11pm

I am struggling with how to handle one of the kids in my group at Children's Circle Summer Session. I won't mention her name here to protect her privacy. Ms. Hazeltine had us sign the privacy contract and I don't want to get in trouble and violate any rules on the only 2nd day of camp.

This kid keeps climbing the walls and crawling on the ceiling in the middle of Demonic Summoning Singalong time. She totally distracts the other kids and the entire Singalong becomes alllll about her.

How can the other kids learn with her distracting them so much? Now two of the other children are trying to climb the walls too. I called my mom who has taught preschool for over 87 years and she said I just need to be really loving and patient with the little brat, I mean kid.

Ugh I am dreading tomorrow. Maybe I can have her transferred to another group but I know Derrick Frampton has two really rowdy girls in his group and probably won't take her. I heard one of his kids is a biter, it's one of the WolfenGroup kids but still.

I am going to do a Gargoyle Compassion Meditation tonight before bed to see if it helps me be more patient tomorrow. We are doing Tie Die Death Shrouds and it will be really hands on and I want the other kids to at least get a Death Shroud to take home at the end of the week. I could not even get them to finish today's craft because my little wild kid kept making all the craft materials disappear.

Honestly, I don't think working with kids is my thing.