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Finley Donna
- 3/22/2024 11:23pm

Dr. Greenjeans used to run with Ranger Rotten. Shakedown rackets on the forest folk. I know because I was an "associate" back then, and hung out at Ranger Rotten's den with all the other forest lowlifes. Dr. Greenjeans used to come over all the time, and they'd stay up all night planning schemes.

I've let the psycops know I'm willing to testify. Maybe put me in a psychic relocation program.

- 3/31/2024 11:09pm

I knew I shouldn't of said nothing. Now I got "the mark" put on my door. Old dried up frog with a nail straight through it. @Paddy O. Cinnamon says that's what they do to let everybody know you're a snitch. I pulled that frog down and hid it but now they know where I live what am I gonna do?

- 4/3/2024 10:26pm

The greenhouse has gone completely under. Now there's just a mass of roots and vines that pulled the whole thing down into the earth.

I drew illustrations in my notebook a three times a day during the entire process. I'm going to put them together into an animated timelapse of the event and include it with my Psyience Fair project. Now there's no way I wont't get first prize. 

And what about @Mr. Blume? And everything else that was in the greenhouse? Where will we get the beautiful flowers for Sunday brunch?

So many questions!

Kay Fabian
- 4/7/2024 11:01pm

Ok I have a question. With all the very clear evidence regarding Doctor Greenjeans' scheme to douse local flora with experimental soda pop and energy drinks, why is the Psyhigh cafeteria still serving Mountain Dew Moss Madness? Which is ONLY available at Psychic High School?

We're already the only place other than Taco Bell that serves Baja Blast on tap, as well as Green Monster Energy, Fierce Green Apple Gatorade, and Sprite. But isn't the availability of Moss Madness suspicious? Why hasn't anyone brought this up?

Sure, it's refreshing, with all the sparkling deliciousness of the forest floor, but doesn't anybody find this odd?

Finley Donna
- 4/10/2024 11:43pm

It's the Weasel Creek Kids who they really should be talking to. They're not affiliated with any side -- not Ranger Rotten, not Dr. Greejeans. The Weasel Creek Kids look out for their own, and they know EVERYTHING that goes down in the woods. Stuff nobody else knows...

Agatha Anatidae
- 4/14/2024 10:10pm

We Weasel Creek kids like to keep a low profile. We don't need the groundskeepers to come tearing our tree houses down. We've made a nice community for ourselves here in the woods and we aim to keep it that way.

Bad Geranium
- 4/15/2024 10:10pm

Has anybody seen my sweet petunia @Solanaceae P.? I thought we had a thing going. Spending time in the planters in the commons, getting doused occasionally by delicious nectar delivered by students out of cans. Maybe I did get a little bit too "into it," hanging out near the Spoonbender first thing in the morning, looking for a fix. Maybe that's what drove us apart.

But without it, my slender roots would have never grown into the strapping legs you see before you today, and my delicate leaves would have never grown into these guns with their massive biceps.

I'm the baddest geranium I ever was, but now I'm clean -- nothing but mountain springwater for me nowadays. Electrolyte infused. Plus B vitamins and potassium and selenium. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Some taurine and ginseng. Just a little caffeine. Ok mountain springwater flavored seltzer. With lime. And Guava. And only cane sugar, not that fake stuff.

Where is my little petunia?! I'm comin' for ya!

Timothy Acorn
- 4/20/2024 11:00pm

At the weekly meeting of the Weasel Creek Kids we usually talk about stuff like treehouse maintenance and the water system and the composting toilets. But now @Agatha Anatidae is saying we need to take up sides on this Ranger Rotten issue.

I don't like the idea of an undead forest ranger running a criminal gang in our woods any more than the next person, gut they've never caused us any trouble. We can't be some kind of forest police. Between keeping the treehouses running and homework and extracurricular activities at school, who's got the time? I say it's not our fight.

Samantha Spruce
- 4/23/2024 11:35pm

Today I was on one of my forest walks and saw a group of Ranger Rotten's Roadkill Ring shaking down some grade school kids for lunch money. Any kid's bound to be scared when a half rotted raccoon corpse with a tire track across its back and one eye hanging out snarls at you and demands your lunch money!

We can not forget that we Weasel Creek Kids inherited our treeforts from the Timberjacks who went to this school before we did, and those Timberjacks had a moral code. If we want to live up to the principles of the Timberjacks, and forest keepers of all stripes, we can no longer turn a blind eye to Ranger Rotten and all of the corruption he stands for. And that includes whatever Docor Greejeans is up to.

It's time the Weasel Creek Kids made a stand! Who is with me?

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