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Small complaints
2/19/2024 11:58pm

Yeah it was me and my crew who was responsible for the dousing of the plants on campus. I told the psycops everything. We were just looking for some extra psybercoin, and the guy online said we'd just need to walk around campus and start pouring out the sauce he sent in the big green barrels. So we filled our stanleys and started pouring. And I'll admit we mighta got to sippin a bit of the juice ourselves. We didn't mean any harm by it, but that fella never got around to payin' us either. We're owed! Said his name was... DOCTOR GREENJEANS.

*hic!* Anybody mind if I just defoliate a bit? Maybe out in that dirt behind the library?

Seasonal Enrollment
12/28/2023 9:45pm

It was me who helped wrassle that morning star outta the dragon.

@Paddy O. Cinnamon ain't no slouch either -- once that Cinnamon Bear gets a couple Berserker Gummies in him he's a force a nature. Didn't hurt he gave me a couple too.

Now that business is done with, I'm looking forward to a new year here at Psyhigh!

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