Solanaceae P.

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Who do you love?
2/14/2024 11:25pm

Here's to all the students who took a chance on a small planter box of petunias tonight at the Valentine's dance!

As one of a dozen petunia clone-kin, it's so gratifying to be accepted by such a great group of oxygen breathing omnivores. You guys really know how to throw a rager! Almost as good as back in the greenhouse. OOoopps not supposed to talk about that.

Let's partaaaaaaaay!

Small complaints
2/9/2024 11:40pm

Hey there! Me and my buddies here in this planter, we're Petunias. And we're FAMILY.

It's kinda chilly out -- do you think you could maybe take us home to your cozy dorm room and let us hang out a little? Maybe spare a little Mountain Dew?