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Ms. Hazeltine
- 10/31/2021 11:17pm

I'm thrilled to report that the opening of the new portal in Extradimensional Concourse C was a success, and the Aos sí Investment Group was fully satisfied with the sacrifices so many of you made to make this possible.

As a result, Representatives of the Aos sí Investment Group have agreed to postpone their invasion of our dimension so long as the best and the brightest of Psyhigh's student body travel through the portal of their own free will and face the Tribulations of N'kaar.

Sign up on the bulletin board outside my office!


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

Chris Anthemum
- 11/3/2021 8:05pm

I just wanna say I'm proud to be chosen as student team leader of Psyhigh's first journey through the new portal in Extradimensional Concourse C tomorrow.

As top of the class for three years running in psycholinguistic motor control, hydrosonic water shaping, and wind calling, as well as captain of the mech boxing team in last year's district championship, I know I will not let us down.

We've got a great team, and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you on the tarmac at 3pm.

Plus, we'll be accompanied by a little sprite from the other side named Plink, who will be acting as guide and interpreter on our trip.

Let's hear it for Plink!

- 11/4/2021 12:24pm


Molly Morgan
- 11/4/2021 10:04pm

The accommodations here on the "other side" sure are classy. They put us up in our own rooms in a palace or a hotel or something. We have our own wing and if you go through the big glass doors in the ballroom there's a frozen lake with frozen ice statue fountains that spray ice and make rainbows.

We're supposed to get a good night's sleep before individual training starts tomorrow but a bunch of kids are running around the halls and I think they sneaked some stuff with them and I don't know if they know about the frozen fountains maybe I will show them

Henry A
- 11/8/2021 7:21am

Introvert; that's all I can say

Jacob Cassius
- 11/8/2021 12:45pm

so glad I have my notebook

Chris Anthemum
- 11/8/2021 8:13pm

Here on the Other Side, preparations and training for the Tribulations of N'kaar are going great. We've learned that the Tribulations of N'kaar are broadcast directly into the minds of all the citizens of the Other Side via their Magnalobe™ devices. Apparently it's a very popular program! Each month they invite beings from parallel universes to run the Tribulations of N'kaar obstacle course, which involves a lot of jumping and climbing and being beaten with giant bats and lightning bolts and falling off platforms into some kind of ectoplasmic goo.

Because it's a mandatory broadcast via their Magnalobe™ network, the biggest brands from the Other Side may even be interested in sponsoring particular team members! I myself have already been approached by an enchanted shampoo company about wearing their logo on my uniform.

Plink (our sprite guide and interpreter), is eager to give us some tips on the things the team needs work on. She's jingling right now (can you hear her?) but I'll interpret for her here:


That Plink really knows how to motivate team spirit.

So -- everybody keep it up this week at practice, and get ready for shooting the first episode LIVE this Friday night!

Molly Morgan
- 11/10/2021 8:42pm

Yeah I'm having trouble making it to practice.

You can walk right out of the hotel and into the most glamorous shopping area of the city. Everyone is tall and beautiful and silver and carry colorful bags from all the different shops.

You can keep walking through that area and into Zap Zap Town, which is where they sell all the stuff that runs on electricity. Except it's not electricity it's etheric energy. A lot of hats and goggles and antennas you can wear like a tail.

Then you can keep walking and get to the seedier side of Zap Zap Town. Places you can buy illegal etheric energy technology. Weapons like scorpion suits. Ghost data. Magnamods.


"Yes, mods for your Magnalobe. Would you like to try? Here, put this on..."

Chris Anthemum
- 11/13/2021 4:59pm

Well I think that ended up going ok, all things considered. Amirite?

While it was great to have Sister Nova on the team, her ability to emit controlled atomic blasts from her rosary wasn’t much help navigating the Greased Pig Balance Beam.

Bart Sturgeon could have shined in the swimming challenges, so, admittedly, entering him into the Electrified Ladder of Doom event may have been a mistake. Especially in light of his tiny flippers.

And while it’s possible the bodies of Bridgette Le Sparque and Caleb IV20 may be separable following their mishap in the Collide-a-tron, they will both be out for the remainder of filming.

But hey! That just means we’re really narrowing the team down to our absolute top performers, and I’m sure @Ms. Hazeltine is contacting everybody’s parents as appropriate.

And did you catch my interview? Everybody here loves my hair! Probably because the silvery denizens of the Other Side have no hair. Which, come to think of it, makes it odd that I'm sponsored by a shampoo company. Huh.

Looking forward to seeing everyone left at practice this week!

Molly Morgan
- 11/15/2021 9:11pm

So I bought a Magnalobe. With a few mods pre-loaded.

I was surprised I could get it, since my mom's credit card doesn't work on the Other Side. Instead I paid with just a little bit of my life, which sounds bad but is really isn't. It's such a small amount. I touched fingers with the dealer and just the very tippy tip of my finger turned silver. That's how they do money here.

The Magnalobe is pretty incredible. They have all these shows but it's like you're right there in them. It's hard to understand the stories, but the mods help you to nudge the story in different directions. Even I could figure that part out.

At some level the mods are supposed to help with the betting, because there's a big underground market for betting on the Tribulations of N'kaar. And they bet the same way I paid for the Magnalobe -- everybody trades in their own silver, which is also their body. It's why the people at the edges of town are a little scrawnier than the people at the fancy shops. And some of the ones I thought were kids are actually just small because they've had to give so much of themselves away. The fancy people in the shopping district have tons of it built up and they keep in their own private warehouses.

Oh! Looks like my favorite show is on. It's about a family of the silver people who use some of their silver hoard to make children (which is the only way they can make children, if they have enough silver) but then the children get into all these hijinks. Even though I can't understand the words it's still hilarious.

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