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Ms. Hazeltine
- 3/29/2020 11:47pm

Following the Reality Accident, we learned that there's no better way to get those psychic juices moving again than PSYCHIC ACTIVITY! We also learned that uncontrolled psychic activity can lead to unhappy thoughts, resistance to following orders, unfulfilled longing, madness, mass hysteria, and large scale property damage.

That's why I've set up a bulletin board right outside my office in the administration building where we're asking you, the student bodies, to let us know exactly what kind of activities you' be most interested in taking part in. There's a little ball point pen tied to a piece of yarn that I've secured to the bulletin board with a thumb tack. Please use it to write in whatever activities you'd like! All suggestions considered!

Please note: you may drop by any time WHILE THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING IS OPEN. After-hour visits will no longer be tolerated, as we've gone to great expense to install PsyEyes to roam the halls of the administration building at night. We keep the PsyEyes in their kennels during the day but let them loose to roll around the halls when the building is closed, absorbing dust, litter, feral non-psychic rats, and all other forms of intruders. So, please -- office hours only!


A. Hazeletine
Student Activities Coordinator

Bailey Kahn
- 4/2/2020 9:20am

Uh hello? Is anyone out there? I don't know how this happened, but my parents told me its for the best, that I'm a student now.

- 4/5/2020 11:31am

How about a gaming club for telekinetic students. It would make a lot of games interesting, plus it would refine our abilities.

Ms. Hazeltine
- 4/6/2020 10:15pm

Why yes, @Duncan, a gaming club for telekinetics sounds perfectly delightful! Were you thinking something like checkers? Or Candyland? Snakes and Ladders? You could move the pieces around on the board with your mind! That way even our non-psychic friends like @Tulove could play. Just sign up on the bulletin board outside my office and you can reserve a room.

Oh and I almost forgot. This Thursday at 3:30pm in Cucurbit Hall we'll be liberating the Anthropos from the World Egg. Bring an apron!

Jeremy Brown
- 4/7/2020 3:40pm


I'd be up for that.

- 4/14/2020 11:39am

Ok, I got a room for the gaming club so it will on Thursday at 1:00pm, we will meet up at the levitating tables outside of the cafeteria.

Ms. Hazeltine
- 4/18/2020 2:11pm

Though I'm still in traction from my riding accident I had a wonderful time at @Duncan's Telekinetic Gaming Club this week! Especially since I can't move so there was no other choice but for me to roll the dice and move the pieces with my mind.

I thought Risk was an excellent choice, but next time let's remember it's TELEkinetic Gaming Club, not PYROkinetic!!! There really wasn't much of the board left at the end.

Still, I think @Jeremy Brown won fair and square. And it was adorable seeing him leap around on his little frog legs.

Looking forward to next week!


A. Hazeletine
Student Activities Coordinator

Ricky Giddyup
- 4/19/2020 8:42pm

We found the cloud where @Lily Piedmont had been camped out. Her sky pony was still there, but we had to coax him out from between some cumulus outcroppings with some sugar cubes. He was real shaken up.

@Lasso Larry was real shaken up too. There were claw marks in the cloudwall near a rainbow waterfall. Larry took a piece of cloud and tasted it.

“Snatchers,” he said. “They’ll be heading north. You head back with Fumbles and I’ll take it from here. I don’t want you kids getting mixed up with this.” Then he took off on his sky stallion and headed north.

So that’s why we’re all back on campus. But without Lasso Larry.

I sure hope he finds her. He looked real worried.

Ivory Fini
- 4/21/2020 12:44pm

Hi @Kiana Radesi,
This is Psychic High School. I'm also new here, but my older sister @ouiq used to go here, and she showed me around telepathically, so I know how to find everything. I recommend that you meet me at the administrative building at 1:00 so that we can sign up for spring activities, but we have to remember to leave by 5:00 so we don't stay after hours. btw, I think we're roommates, and we are in the सूर्य Dorm, room 5W.
I can't wait to meet you!

Kiana Radesi
- 4/21/2020 1:12pm

Sure... I'm still confused. I don't think I'm psychic, so why would my parents send me here anyway? I may have had a strange childhood with my parents (they're archaeologists), but I'm normal. The only thing about my parents is that they are both named Hanna(I have two moms). Their original names were Hannah Lalonde and Hannah Vantas, but they said they had to change it to Radesi. When I asked them about it they made up some crap about privacy, but it probably doesn't matter.

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