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All the spies of Psyhigh
5/11/2020 2:20pm

I am a Psyhigh spy trying to answer your question:
It's fake.

But how are people making up stories? They capture the true meaning.

But, people can't contact dreams.

I can't crack this code.
4/15/2020 3:36pm

I don't understand you, @Divinegene

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For those pointlesssites comers...
4/15/2020 3:30pm

I was, too!

Spring Activities Committee
4/5/2020 4:55am

1. Am I an intruder here?

2. What activities are we doing?

4/5/2020 4:50am


Nobody goes because they can't find it in real-life.


The party-ers search Google Maps. They can't find it.


The memories-
They can find Psyhigh.

I can't find it.

Is this because I'm an investigator? Because I can't contact imaginations? Or what?

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2 Sided
3/30/2020 10:32am

There are two versions of me, a Normal and a Psychic.

The Normal guides the Psychic in the school.

The Psychic lives the adventure.

I can't do the psychic activity.

But, the Psychic can.

A Normal is a non-psychic.

A Psychic is like one of your students.

I will make a song.

Not Pegs Light, but another.

It's called Intergalactic.

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3/30/2020 10:22am

Impending Doom Prep...

....Is that the magic school in the Blue Universe?

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3/25/2020 11:47am

Lilpaya Menbe
Oxalite Hos
are 2 girls from
Normalis, the Blue Universe.

Who are they? I don't know.

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Pegs Light
3/23/2020 11:52am


Pegs Light!
Making that light with Brite Brite.
We create our people,
but animals create our light.

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Pegs Light
3/23/2020 11:48am

ABOUT Pegs Light-
This is an original song that is based on the post by @german dinosaur about Children's Circle.

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