Ivory Fini

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4/21/2020 1:21pm

wait a minute, your parents are @Hannah Lalonde and @Hannah Vantas! One of your moms revolutionized the reverse storytelling study technique! your parents didn't really like each other when they were here though. I'm surprised that they got together! they must have transported you here! I hope they're okay. they must be, if they could transport you here!

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Spring Activities Committee
4/21/2020 12:44pm

Hi @Kiana Radesi,
This is Psychic High School. I'm also new here, but my older sister @ouiq used to go here, and she showed me around telepathically, so I know how to find everything. I recommend that you meet me at the administrative building at 1:00 so that we can sign up for spring activities, but we have to remember to leave by 5:00 so we don't stay after hours. btw, I think we're roommates, and we are in the सूर्य Dorm, room 5W.
I can't wait to meet you!