Kiana Radesi

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Spring Activities Committee
4/21/2020 1:12pm

Sure... I'm still confused. I don't think I'm psychic, so why would my parents send me here anyway? I may have had a strange childhood with my parents (they're archaeologists), but I'm normal. The only thing about my parents is that they are both named Hanna(I have two moms). Their original names were Hannah Lalonde and Hannah Vantas, but they said they had to change it to Radesi. When I asked them about it they made up some crap about privacy, but it probably doesn't matter.

Flying Horse Club
4/21/2020 12:26pm

Hi, I'm new here.
I as just minding my own business at the Olympia ruins with my parents, when I saw a girl holding onto the back of a cloud speeding by. I now know that it was @Lily Piedmont. What I don't understand is why my parents saw me looking at her and got so worried. they handed me a bracelet with this inscription: ∌∮⊸⏧⪽ and told me it would take me somewhere safe. then everything turned white. when I woke up, I was here, wherever here is. which reminds me, WHERE IS HERE? Please tell me as soon as possible.