Ricky Giddyup

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Flesh-eating Entity Club
6/15/2020 9:02pm

Hey so I was down at the Polka Dot, looking for a quick bite, and they’ve got a new item on the menu — Shadow Meat. It was selling like hot cakes.

I only had enough in my pocket for a regular burger so I didn’t get a taste. But it sure smelled... smokey.

Spring Activities Committee
4/19/2020 8:42pm

We found the cloud where @Lily Piedmont had been camped out. Her sky pony was still there, but we had to coax him out from between some cumulus outcroppings with some sugar cubes. He was real shaken up.

@Lasso Larry was real shaken up too. There were claw marks in the cloudwall near a rainbow waterfall. Larry took a piece of cloud and tasted it.

“Snatchers,” he said. “They’ll be heading north. You head back with Fumbles and I’ll take it from here. I don’t want you kids getting mixed up with this.” Then he took off on his sky stallion and headed north.

So that’s why we’re all back on campus. But without Lasso Larry.

I sure hope he finds her. He looked real worried.

Flying Horse Club
3/31/2020 10:45pm

Hey how about Horse Club? The school has its own horses in that corral out behind the bleachers. What are they there for?